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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Trucks

The trucking industry has over time grown immensely. Today it is almost impossible to imagine life without trucks because industries can hardly operate if trucks owners go on strike for a single day. This industry has had its fair share of challenges as well as good days. Despite these ups and downs, the industry keeps moving. This is a difficult job; however, for those doing it, it is rewarding. Also, it should be known that trucking is fun. Below we have compiled some of the interesting facts about trucks so that you can learn more about this industry and those involved in it.

1. Where the Name Truck Originated From

This may sound weird, but not so many people know how the word “truck” came about. The first-ever documented use of this word goes back to 1611 when it alluded to the heavy-duty wheels used on canon carriages. As time went by, the term became common for carts that ferried heavy items. Today the term truck and lorry have the same meaning.

2. Approximately 6% of Truck Drivers Are Women

When thinking about the truck industry, what a lot of people think is the stereotypical image of a man behind the wheel. They are not so much farfetched because a large percentage of truck drivers are men. Today, however, there is an increasing number of women venturing into this industry. They are increasingly taking the US highways to fend for themselves and their families.

America’s largest retailer, Walmart Store Inc. made a date with its women, in a forum dubbed Women in Trucking Conference, to know what more can be done to increase the number of female truckers on the road.

3. Top 5 Cinematographers That Made Lorries Popular

If it were not for some movie legends who in their movies pointed out trucks, they could still be not known. Some of these legends include Steve Spielberg, in his film called Duel. This is Richard Matheson’s American TV thriller film released in 1971. In the film, a terrified driver is stalked by a crazy truck driver.

Other filmmakers include Kris Kristofferson in Convoy, Chuck Norris in his Breaker! Breaker! Burt Reynolds in his film called Smokey and the Bandit, and Patrick Swayze in the film Black Dog.

4. What Are The Top 5 Hit Songs That Talk About Trucks?

“Roll on eighteen-Wheeler” is a song that was written by Dave Loggins. It was recorded by the American country music band called Alabama and released in January 1984 as a first single and title track by Roll On. This hit song was the group’s 12th straight No. 1 single on the Billboard magazine called Hot Country Singles chart. Other famous songs that hype trucks and brought them to the limelight include Gartha Brooks’ Papa Loved Mama, Convoy, by C.W. McCall, and finally, a song called East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed.

5. The First Female Truck Driver

The first female ever to own a commercial truck driver’s license was Lillie McGee Drennan. She also was the first female to drive a truck.  She was born at John Sealy Hospital Galveston TX in January 1897, and later was given up for adoption when she was barely three weeks old. She became the foster daughter to Fannie (Francis Carolyn). She married William Barley on December 18, 1912, at the age of 15 years, and had a son the following year. She later divorced and married Lillie married Willard Ernest Drennan. Their marriage ended in 1929 when the couple couldn’t bear children. She got her truck driving license that year. Surprisingly, she used to carry a gun in her truck everywhere she went.

6. Origin of Trucks

Peterman was a lumber businessman who in the 1930s was in search of an enhanced way to move logs to the factories from the forests. He had revamped the military trucks, and after that, he developed his first ever truck. He termed the truck as Model 260. Peterbilt was named after this businessman, T.A. Peterman.

7. What Are The Truck Types In Existence Today?

While there are numerous heavy-duty vehicles from world-known manufacturers today, but the main being used today include the Tip Truck, Fire Engines, Refrigerator Lorries, Concrete Truck, and the Semi-Trucks.

8. Truckers Pay Approximately 36% of Taxes and Fee

Yes, truckers pay up to 36% of taxes and fees relating to the Highway Trust Fund, (HTF). Even as they pay this much, they only make for a paltry 7% of the whole traffic on the highway. The Telegraph reports that the average driver spends approximately 32 hours in traffic jams every year. The amount of money spent on tax can be attributed to the type of car- it could either worsen or ease traffic jams.

Trucks, therefore, due to their design and speed are known to spend far too much time on the road and in traffic, since they cannot very well maneuver these jams. In the end, these drivers spend more on gas and other related fees on the highway.

9. The US Statistics on Trucks

The trucking industry has about 15.5 million trucks. However, the number is expected to escalate 21% more in the next ten years.

10. The First Ever Built Truck

The first ever manufactured truck was built by a German manufacturer Gottlieb Daimler in 1896. Years after passing on, he is still being celebrated for inventing the taxi as well as the motorbike.


While it seems like this industry is given a wanting awareness, without it, it would prove difficult to deliver goods to consumers. Trucks are also responsible for the supply of raw materials to the industries for manufacturing purposes. It therefore right to say that the trucking industry supports the global economy. When you are only driving to get to a place, truck drivers are working, and you happen to be in their workplace. Therefore, give them a break and understand that they play an important role in facilitating a smooth flow of operations in the trucking industry.