Lil Boom releases new single – an evil witches love spell

Florida-born rapper Lil Boom brings the heat on his new single “an evil witches love spell,” out now via 10K Projects/Homemade Projects. “an evil witches love spell” comes on the heels of Lil Boom’s summer releases “Kill Sephiroth” and “Caught Simpin’,” the latter with over 1.4 million streams on Spotify to date.

In “an evil witches love spell,” Lil Boom tells the story of a disastrous relationship, comparing his ex to an evil witch. Lil Boom continues to forge his own path as a hip hop artist, characterizing his flow with wild allusions and puns.


With early tracks like “RIP Harambe” and “F*ck Steph Curry,” Lil Boom didn’t anticipate creating a career out of his fun freestyles until fellow South Florida rapper Lil Pump encouraged him to keep going. According to the young rapper, “ever since Lil Pump said that, I’ve just thought that I gotta keep being me.”

After his initial virality with “MILF Next Door” four years ago, Lil Boom made the risky decision to quit his job washing dishes at a local crab shack to chase after the excitement of his unconventional career, creating what he calls Meme Rap: “I honestly like to call it meme rap. I don’t know who wants to accept that, but there’s nothing wrong with making memes and putting your music into memes. I’m having fun.”

Lil Boom says he owes a lot to meme culture for the success of his work, “I ran a meme page before I did rap. A lot of people don’t know that’s how I got my music to blow up.” Following the success of other meme-makers-turned-musicians in the past few years, it is clear that Lil Boom’s strange and unlikely path to success paved the way for other artists after him, including Lil Nas X’s explosive debut “Old Town Road.” In an online music marketplace, Lil Boom offers up his carefree works as the antidote to serious, darker music. He says, “Who doesn’t like memes? I’m making music for the people who don’t get heard and about things nobody really talks about in songs.”


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