How Erling Haaland boosts Manchester City’s potential success

As one of the best squads in the world, Manchester City is always known for its strength in its lineup. Manager Pep Guardiola is always blessed with the best talent possible and that has happened again with the signing of a Norwegian superstar striker, Erling Haaland. 

With years of experience playing for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, Haaland has proven that he is one of the most promising goal-scorers in the world. He was an amazing star player during his time at Dortmund and before he even played for the Yellow Wall, he was the star for RB Salzburg in Austria. 

At only 21 years of age, Haaland has the potential to become the best player in the world in the long term future. Now that he is at Man City, he has the biggest platform possible to become one of the world’s best players. He was already on his way to that level during his time with Dortmund but City’s team will help him cement a championship pedigree. 

If you are going to any website for football crypto betting, you should expect that Man City will come in as a favourite for almost any match. They have proven that with the talent that they have, they can win trophies. While the Champions League has continued to elude them, City is primed to become one of the legendary clubs that have won Europe’s top club competition. 

Haaland will become the club’s top goal-scorer

Man City has been thriving with their goal-scoring even without a true number nine. They have run a system with a free-flowing offence where anyone can score as long as they are in the right position. This will not happen anymore with Haaland in the lineup because they finally have a cornerstone who is well known for scoring countless goals. 

With Kevin De Bruyne serving as the team’s playmaker, you can expect that he will have a field day having a striker of Haaland’s quality play with him. KDB himself talked about how much he appreciates having a striker like Haaland on his team moving forward.

The Belgian midfielder said, ‘Erling Haaland is a top striker. His move should help us to grow as a team. Everybody expects a lot. They’ve always been looking for a number nine, but I think it’ll be good to have that striker that maybe scores 20-25 goals a season’.

Haaland fits in with Pep’s system

Pep Guardiola is one of the best managers of all time. That kind of title is not given to anyone just for the sake of it because Pep has done a stellar job of creating systems that best fit his teams. This was prominent during his time with Barcelona when he was the mind behind their signature ‘tiki-taka’ style with Lionel Messi as the focal point of the offence.

Now at City, Pep has done a good job of building a system despite the lack of a true striker over the past two seasons. With Haaland coming in, Pep will most likely revamp his system because he has to accommodate and maximise Haaland. The combo of this coach and player will instil fear into defenders because Pep has special plays in his backpocket for Haaland. 

Man City has its Agüero replacement

When Sergio Agüero left for Barcelona in 2021, Man City lost their best-ever player and striker. That was a large void that was not filled by any player until now. With Haaland’s arrival, Man City has one of the best replacements that you can ever get for a club legend. He is primed to become the best striker in the world in the long term future. He will surely bring trophies back to Manchester given that he’s such a phenomenal player in terms of talent and an imposing physique. 

Expect Man City to keep winning

Haaland already has a case to be called one of the best players in the world and with further training under Pep and stars like KDB, Haaland will only improve. If you are on any website for football crypto betting, never forget that City has a top striker who can change the complexion of any match. It is a tough time to be a defender, especially if they’re playing against Man City. 

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