Ferrari Monza SP: the First-born of the Icona Line

To demonstrate that the Ferrari lineup will now be represented only by the most expensive and exclusive cars that are part of the Icona line, the Italians demonstrated two models – the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2.

For who was this car created? Of course, for the most devoted of his fans. All fans associate this car model with old versions of the car. And some have even compared it to the Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss, the latest modification of the SLR by the Speedster. Ferrari would not approve of selling such a car to a person who only once became a customer of the company, buying an initial model with a V8. To buy such a car, you need to be a connoisseur of these machines, and at the same time Ferrari must know about it.

Unfortunately,this car was produced in a circulation of only 100 copies and therefore it is not possible to rent it. However, you can still use the rent ferrari dubai service to rent luxury cars.


As mentioned earlier, only 100 copies of this model were produced – and all of them have already been sold. Based on this, it follows that the car is clearly not worth $100,000. The car is very expensive, but, unfortunately, its price has not been disclosed. In addition, a special line of accessories was released for new owners, developed in collaboration with Italian fashion houses:

● Limited shoes;
● Wardrobe items (gloves and scarves);
● Safety helmets, etc.

Machine architecture

The presented models SP1 and SP2 are the same car, only one in a single, and the second in a two-seater version. To create this model, the developers were inspired by the old models of sport cars of the 50s. Therefore, the new model has a number of characteristic features:

● Contours with bulging wheel arches;
● The body is made entirely of carbon fiber;
● Doors open sideways and up;
● Roof and windshield not included.

It is also unusual that the doors here open exclusively from the cabin. So if you need to get into this car, you should stick your hand inside and open the door from the inside. There is a loop on the inner lining of the door that you can reach and pull to close the door. There is no glass in front of the driver at all, only a diffuser that directs air above the driver’s head. There is a small piece of glass in front of the passenger. In the middle, at the base of the central partition, there is a rear-view mirror, which is mounted on an oblique leg and visually looks more like a side mirror. Specially designed to protect against airflow, safety helmets have been developed and a small air deflector is used for frontal protection.

An interesting fact: the height of the car is slightly more than a meter (1155 mm).

Vehicle Specifications

These car specifications are based on the chassis of the serial Ferrari 812 Superfast coupe. Model specifications:

  1. Naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine (power 812 hp);
  2. Maximum power is reached at 8,500 rpm;
  3. All this power flows through the 7-speed robot and is transferred, of course, to the rear wheels;
  4. Acceleration to 100 km in 2.9 seconds;
  5. The maximum speed is 340 km per hour.

In conclusion, the ferrari monza sp1 and sp2 are great examples of modern technology wrapped in classic cars from the 50s. The price of these copies starts from $ 1,400,000, and their limited number makes it difficult to purchase this car. But you can still rent luxury cars with the help of the rental companies.

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