Ways to Foster a More Sustainable Logistics Business

Some lines of business are less eco-friendly than others, but that doesn’t mean those working in them are less responsible. It’s just that they have more work to do to protect the environment. If you own a logistics business and you’re looking to implement more sustainable transport practices, the following are things that you should consider.

Be a Trucking Pioneer: Go Electric Right Now

If you have never really thought about using electric trucks rather than dirty, fume-belching diesel beasts, it is time to start looking at the idea and seeing the positive side. Many people have never seen an electric truck. Maybe you haven’t, either, but you know they exist. You’ve heard them being discussed by your peers, others in your position. Maybe what you’ve heard is that it may be okay in the future, but for now they’re going to (reluctantly) carry on with what they’re used to. 

You Know Deep Down That’s Not How Leaders Think

Once upon a time there were people opting to stay with horse-drawn wagons because this internal combustion engine idea was untested and too much of a gamble, or people were going to keep using trains, despite the limitations that put-on deliveries. Then one forward thinking person took the big step, and soon everyone was doing it. Taking calculated risks is one of the top tips for leaders who want to innovate and move the needle. How about being that pioneer at this crucial stage in history, when you know sustainability is essential?

Use Smaller Vehicles

Do you really need those super-heavyweight monsters or are they relics of a less enlightened past that you keep in case you need to fill them again one day? If that is the case, why not bite the 21st century bullet and trade them in for smaller, more efficient models? You’ll save on fuel, so it’s good for you as well as the planet. If the smaller ones can be electric, even better.

Make Your Existing Smaller Vehicles a Part of Your Image

If your fleet is not dominated by the giant apes of the vehicle world, the transition is even easier, and therefore more pressing. Replace your cars and vans with the top EVs and watch your fuel bills plummet, while your reputation skyrockets as the person who made a difference.

Use a Fleet Management System

Efficiency is one of the great goals of business, and with fleet management technology, even if your fleet still uses fossil fuels and pumps out harmful emissions, you can at least keep the vehicles off the road as much as possible. That can be achieved by simple measures such as using optimum routes, and you may have established these, but are your staff sticking to them? A fleet management system can tell you where all your vehicles are always, so you can work with your drivers to make sure these routes really are the best ones. 

Combine Loads

Just like people sharing cars to get to work or for the school run, commercial vehicles can also be used for several customers. Obviously, the courier companies do this all the time because they’ve got loads of single items, but if you’ve only got half a truckload for one customer, think about filling the truck with another half or two quarters for other customers. This may complicate matters as regards routes and timings, but it’s worth looking at seriously. The world is changing, and sometimes, we must change our way of thinking to adapt to it.

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