Scott Dunn's summer destinations via 360 MAGAZINE.

Scott Dunn’s Summer Recs


  • Inspired by the final season, Scott Dunn shares personalized itineraries and insider tips tailored for the Succession characters we love and love-to-hate.
  • With the end of the beloved series upon us, keep the Succession excitement going by channeling your favorite Roy while making your travel plans.
  • From the glitz of Paris, to the blue waters of Bawah… here is where Scott Dunn experts would send key characters on their summer vacations…


  • Known for its timeless French glamor, Le Bristol is the perfect place for Marcia to run off with her Roy money

“We are all made to believe that Marcia escapes the Roys by going to Milan and  ‘Shopping. Forever,’ however we wouldn’t put it past her to choose a more obvious approach to leaving them behind by checking in to Le Bristol, Paris. Although a native, we feel there is more opportunity for her to truly relax and disconnect from the Waystar drama tucked away on Rue du Faubourg plotting endless days of shopping. Le Bristol is a timeless icon of French glamor and the perfect location for access to everything Marcia could possibly want – from heritage luxury brands to new art exhibitions at the Musee D’Orsay (because let’s face it, she’s an Impressionism girl after our own hearts), each day offers a fabulous alternative to the stresses of being Logan Roy’s cherie. After selling his New York townhouse to Connor once and for all, we can see her extending her stay at the property’s penthouse suite, enjoying the private terrace with breathtaking views of the Sacré Coeur, quiet study, and comforting fireplace. Each day would be complemented by meals from three-starred Michelin Chef Eric Frechon and an evening swim at the property’s rooftop Spa and pool, finished off with treatments by La Prairie.” – Stephanie McClendon, Scott Dunn Europe Team Leader


  • A dream beach getaway, Bawah Reserve is the ideal destination for making a Gregxit

“I would send Greg to Bawah Reserve, first of all, because after his disastrous congressional testimony on the scandal in cruises, he will never be let near any cruise ship again. At Bawah Reserve, where guests arrive via private seaplane and have direct access to the clear Indonesian sea from their overwater bungalows, Greg could have an unforgettable ocean getaway nonetheless. Secondly, after suing Greenpeace, he has some environmental atoning to do, and Bawah Reserve is a triumph in sustainable luxury. While enjoying meals made from locally-sourced ingredients, or admiring each suite’s gorgeous sustainably-crafted interiors, Greg would hopefully absorb Bawah Reserve’s earth first mindset. Perhaps Greg, if he ever gets the budget, could woo Comfrey by inviting her and her friends to stay with him at Bawah’s Elang Private Residence, which is newly opened and available for the exclusive hire of groups of up to 19 people, and features 6 adults-only cliffside lodges. Bawah Reserve is an incredible place to experience the seclusion of the remote, uncharted Anambas archipelago. It’s perfect for nature-lovers and adventurers looking to enjoy snorkeling, paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing, and diving in this incredible, unseen corner of the world.” — Jules Maury, Head of Scott Dunn Private 


  • This remote African safari is complete with an elaborate treehouse, ideal for Kendall and guests of his choice. We recommend his children. 

“Kendall needs to experience Xigera Safari Lodge in Botswana. At his infamous 40th birthday party, an elaborate reconstruction of Kendall’s childhood treehouse served as the VIP room. It was nothing compared to the Baobab Treehouse at Xigera, and surely Kendall would agree. A kilometer from the main lodge, this three-story treehouse is an architectural masterpiece and the only way to experience the African bush. Inside, Kendall would find a spiral staircase within the tree’s trunk, an open air deck, and private dining room for a sundown supper. Both the bedroom and bathroom spaces feature canvas walls that can be zipped open entirely, revealing gorgeous stargazing and the sounds of nearby animals. It’s Africa at its most raw – perfect for the most intense Roy kid. Xigera Safari Lodge is my recommendation for experiencing Botswana because with 12 suites, guests get a completely personalized safari, with no set times or itineraries. Plus, the lodge is quite the celebration of African art, culture, and creativity. It’s a living gallery of African talent.” — Meg Shepro, Scott Dunn Senior Travel Consultant, Africa


  • With stunning lake views, a gorgeous spa, and proximity to the UN, The Woodward is certain to wow our favorite lovebirds

“Once he’s locked down his ambassadorship, Connor, with Willa at his side, should make short work of a trip from his home-base of Slovenia to The Woodward on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Connor will never be President, but the Woodward’s Presidential Suite with its stunning views of the lake, is an extraordinary consolation prize. The building dates back to 1901, and has been meticulously transformed by world-renowned architect, Pierre-Yves Rochon. Willa, I’m sure would appreciate the private terrace with views of Lake Geneva, and she deserves to enjoy the luxury, considering the honeymoon to America’s battleground states that Connor planned. I would arrange for Connor to enjoy the outdoor amenities offered by virtue of the Lake — perhaps a fishing or sailing trip. In the meantime, I would organize a visit to the Guerlain Spa for Willa, as it is the only one of its kind in Switzerland. She, I believe, would enjoy their exclusive “Spirit of Lake Geneva” treatment and perhaps a four-hand imperial massage.” — Stephanie McClendon,  Scott Dunn Europe Team Leader


  • With private villas, in-room massages, and yoga classes in the forest, a trip to Miavana by Time + Tide may be the only way to decompress from the week Shiv Roy has just had…

 “For Shiv, I would arrange a getaway to the private villas at Miavana by Time + Tide, which is situated on a remote island off-the-coast of Madagascar. Like Shiv, Miavana is luxurious though refined, and very, very private. I figure after what she has been put through this season, it offers the ideal way to decompress, first-footprint-in-the-sand morning beach strolls, yoga classes in the forest, and spa treatments brought to you in the seclusion of your own villa. It would offer, too, the luxury Shiv is accustomed to with personal butler service, panoramic floor to ceiling windows with ocean views, and private pools plus soaking tubs. Perfect for Shiv, too, Miavana by Time + Tide contributes to female empowerment initiatives led by the Time + Tide foundation that seek to help girls in Madagascar advance to top-boarding schools by improving their test-scores. Though Shiv may not be the most charitably-minded, I think that as the perpetually shafted Roy sister, this would be a cause close to her heart.” 
— Meg Shepro, Scott Dunn Senior Travel Consultant, Africa


  • Featured in Season 2 Episode 8 of the show, the Scottish elegance and fine dining at Gleneagles made it a perfect stay for the King of Waystar. 

“I envision a world where Logan Roy sneaks away unannounced back to Gleneagles (after the family’s visit in Season 2) to luxuriate in the silence of the Perthshire Countryside without the superfluous surprises and toasts arranged by Rhea during their first visit. I’d recommend checking into The Royal Lochnagar Suite, the hotel’s stand-out suite, spanning 1,646ft² with uninterrupted views across the rolling Ochil Hills. Although the carefully researched design details would likely be lost on Logan, it’s safe to assume he would welcome his own private marble entrance hallway and the ability to sprawl out in his room overlooking the Glendevon without Kendall, Roman, Shiv or Rhea disrupting his peace. It goes without saying that Logan would demand a reservation at Scotland’s only 2 Michelin Star restaurant on property, Andrew Fairlie, potentially followed by drinks at The American Bar ensconced in its cashmere wallpaper and sipping a scotch, neat. Although his reputation is not one of being particularly playful, I think the Glorious Playground would inspire him to participate in a few of the many countryside pursuits available on property, if only to expel some of his compounded frustrations with the family and old guards of Waystar. I would schedule for a day of clay shooting and perhaps off-road driving, followed by one of The Spa’s signature treatments, The Highland Healer, for some hot stone therapy to relax the tension caused by carrying the world’s economy on his shoulders.”   — Stephanie McClendon, Scott Dunn Europe Team Leader

Scott Dunn's summer destinations via 360 MAGAZINE.
Scott Dunn’s summer destinations via 360 MAGAZINE.