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Reebok – My Name Is

Reebok has revealed ‘My Name Is’, an ‘80s sport footwear collection remixed for Gen Z and accompanied by an irreverent campaign short film that mocks today’s over-styled brand advertisements. Featuring Classic Leather, Club C 85, BB 4000 II, LT Court, and a matching retro apparel lineup, the ‘My Name Is’ collection drops April 4 from and select retailers.

Inspired by Gen Z’s self-confidence and demand for respect, ‘My Name Is’ represents the idea of calling someone by their name. The concept is brought to life throughout the collection where footwear model names are boldly emblazoned across the tongue of each ‘80s Reebok sneaker fused with branding and colors from its ‘90s performance design catalogue.

The collection includes:

Classic Leather “My Name Is” (IE9383/IE9384 – $85): Reebok’s historic running shoe built with a leather upper, EVA midsole, and rubber outsole, remixed with archival colors and “Classic Leather” embroidered on the tongue. 

Club C 85 “My Name Is” (IE9387/IE9388 – $90): Reebok’s iconic tennis sneaker built with a leather upper, a rubber midsole and outsole, remixed with archival colors and “Club C 85” embroidered on the tongue.

BB 4000 II “My Name Is” (IE6832/IE6833 – $90): Reebok’s archival cupsole basketball shoe built with a leather upper, EVA midsole, and rubber outsole, remixed with archival colors and “BB 4000 II” embroidered on the tongue.

LT Court “My Name Is” (IE9385/IE9386 – $100): Reebok’s low-profile ‘80s court model built with a leather upper, EVA midsole, and rubber outsole, remixed with archival colors and “LT Court” embroidered on the tongue.

Alongside the collection, a ‘mockumentary’ campaign short film imitates the over-styled, over-scripted, and overproduced brand advertisements of today. The irreverent 60-second video brings viewers to the set of a mock Reebok photoshoot where models pose in simulated environments as a stage director shouts for lighting adjustments, rain, snow, and facial expressions from behind the camera, eventually stripping it all away to leave just the ‘My Name Is’ shoe on stage in its own limelight.

“We wanted to have some fun with this spot and flip the script on what’s become of today’s over the top campaign creation process,” commented Caroline Machen, VP, Global Brand Marketing at Reebok.  “The end result is a light-hearted piece that we hope will give people a laugh or two.”

Reebok’s ‘My Name Is’ collection is available beginning April 4 from and select retailers.

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