Playboy and lids collaboration announced via 360 MAGAZINE.


Lids has teamed up with Playboy for another stylish collaboration.  

Following the launch of Lids’ first collection with Playboy in October, the Lids x Playboy SoCal/Vice collection is a battle of the coasts with blue, white, and red headwear and apparel highlighting Southern California pride while black, blue, and pink headwear and apparel showcases Miami pride. It’s a classic tale of east versus west with fashionable headwear and apparel emblazoned with the iconic Playboy bunny motif.  

Some items in the collection include: 

  • Lids x Playboy SoCal Reversible Bucket Hat – $34.99 
  • Lids x Playboy SoCal Foam Trucker Hat – $29.99 
  • Lids x Playboy SoCal Basketball Shorts – $90 
  • Lids x Playboy SoCal Mesh Button Down Jersey – $100 
  • Lids x Playboy Vice Bucket Hat – $34.99 
  • Lids x Playboy Vice Foam Trucker Hat – $29.99 
  • Lids x Playboy Vice Basketball Jersey – $100 
  • Lids x Playboy Vice Basketball Shorts – $90 
  • Lids x Playboy Vice Mesh Button Down Jersey – $100 

Just in time for summer – the collection is a must-have for your next sports outing, running errands, or elevating your everyday look. The collection is now available at Lids retail locations and on Amazon.

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