Jimmy Chin + Bremont

Bremont proudly announces the appointment of world-renowned adventurer, photographer, and award-winning filmmaker Jimmy Chin as its latest brand ambassador. Bremont is motivated by a relentless determination to create the world’s most capable tool watches worn by those who take an unchartered path. The brand’s mission is to be there at the limits of possibility in adventure and exploration.

Inspired by individuals who prove that anything is possible and epitomise Bremont’s mantra to ‘Take It Further’, Jimmy Chin is the very embodiment of this philosophy, seeking meaningful purpose in all that he does. Acclaimed for his extraordinary expeditions and evocative storytelling, Chin’s partnership with Bremont promises to inspire a new generation of watch enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Jimmy joins Bremont’s highly respected roster of ambassadors who define the spirit of the brand through their tenacious approach to all that they accomplish. Jimmy’s remarkable and multi-faceted career has been defined by his unwavering pursuit of adventure and his ability to capture the essence of exploration through his lens.

From scaling towering peaks to traversing remote landscapes, Chin’s fearless spirit and relentless dedication to his craft have earned him global praise and admiration. “Creating films and photographs through situations that few others could experience is my life’s inspiration.” Chin comments.

In parallel, Bremont’s watches are built around the principles of resilience and durability. The brand goes to extreme lengths to ensure its watches perform in all conditions. Designed for functionality and reliability in the depths of the ocean, the peaks of the high mountains, and the extremities of the Earth’s surface, its tool watches are there to accompany the most courageous of feats. Jimmy continues: “Real courage is taking the first step and committing to chasing something that is meaningful to you.

Jimmy Chin becomes brand ambassador for Bremont watched via 360 MAGAZINE.