HighSnobiety cover featuring NewJeans via 360 MAGAZINE.

HighSnobiety + NewJeans

Highsnobiety introduces its first-ever limited run magazine release, featuring the pop sensation NewJeans on a special edition cover. 

In a new conversation with YJ Lee with accompanying photos by Park Sangjun, NewJeans, the supersquad of five, divulges on their year of ascendance with their candid take on their creative process, personal style, and vision for the future. 

MINJI, on what their name suggests: 

“Our name NewJeans refers to a “new” pair of jeans, but at the same time, jeans are also a timeless fashion staple adored by people of all ages. We are constantly striving and working hard to present music that can embrace both the new and the classic, just like what our name NewJeans suggests.”

HYEIN, on why she named the fanclub Bunnies? 

“We think of our fans as our best friends, and the cute name “Bunnies” also has an alternative nickname, tto-kki, which means “bunny” in Korean!”

HANNI, on her favorite newly learned Korean phase: 

“My favorite Korean phrase would have to be “설레다.” There is no direct translation of the word in English, so it’s difficult to explain. “설레다” is like the word for the butterflies you get when you’re nervous because of the anticipation and thrilling excitement. There is a fluttering, innocent feel to the word that makes [it] feel extra sentimental.”

HAERIN, on her favorite lyric: 

There’s a part that goes, “I’ll run into you like serendipity.” I like the line since it’s cute and you also feel that sense of excitement when you listen to it. I can visualize the situation when I read the lyrics, which makes it feel so real.

DANIELLE, on her favorite dish to bake: 

“I think the brownies turned out really well. I remember using avocado and oatmeal as alternative ingredients, and it tasted just as yummy!!” 

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HighSnobiety cover featuring NewJeans via 360 MAGAZINE.
HighSnobiety cover featuring NewJeans via 360 MAGAZINE.


Words: YJ Lee
Photography: Park Sangjun
Styling: Woori Lim, Sharon Park, and Yoo Na Kim
Local Producers: Seungyeon Lee, Nam Hoon Lee, and Jong Un Lee
Hair: Seo Ha Yoon, Da Young Lee, and Min Seo Kang
Makeup: Young Lee, Yuri Choi, and Hyun Do Jeon
Photography Assistants: Jaewon Kim, Sungjae Kim, Namhoon Lee, and Chongun Lee

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