Linda Varg Single "She Saw U" Cover Art via Fifth Island Music for use by 360 MAGAZINE

Elvatix × The High, Ideo & Fax, and Linda Varg

New music today with Elvatix & The High, Ideo & Fax and Linda Varg

Elvatix & The High releases their new single Champions.

Swedish producer/DJ Elvatix is back with more music and continues to explore his artistery and creative process by experimenting and blending sounds and genres. This time around he has teamed up with The High, a failed experiment by a mad scientist to create a robot designed for mass destruction, now unable to do anything else but to created amazing music. 

The result of their collaboration is a blend between dance pop and slap house with the The High on vocals. Their single ‘Champions‘ is out now on all streaming platforms.  Listen HERE.

Newly signed Ideo & Fax makes their debut on LINC MUSIC with their new single Clarity.

Ideo & Fax is an Italian DJ & producer duo made up of Davide Amodeo and Ettore Favatà. Their music draws inspiration from different genres ranging from house music to radio friendly pop music. This is a positive effect due to their different backgrounds: Davide was an urban and rock musician, and Ettore created more classic and melodic songs.

The project they created together, Ideo & Fax, is characterized by a dark, deep and groovy sound matched by vocals. Their new single ‘Clarity‘ features Arthur Kody on vocals and is out now on all streaming platforms. Listen HERE.

Linda Varg releases her new single She Saw U.

Linda Varg is known from winning the Swedish version of TV show Popstars and being a part of the multi platinum selling group Supernatural. Now she’s preparing to release her new album in 2022, with three singles from it released so far: ‘Alcoholics‘, ‘All The Way Tonight‘ and ‘Why Don’t Ya‘. Today she’s releasing the 4th one, a song written about her dad. 

“My dad had been in love with my mum for a long time before they became a couple. He was very shy and didn’t have the courage to talk to her. But his dream came true one night at the disco when, all of a sudden, she walked up to him and said Do you wanna dance with me?

Her new single ‘She Saw U‘ is out now on all streaming platforms.  Listen HERE