Commutes Are Killing Small Businesses

A recent, in-depth study conducted by researchers in the UK confirmed every commuter’s worst fear – the long drive to work is not only impacting job performance, but the health and happiness of you and your employees.
Though a UK study, the results speak to life in modern cities across the world. Researchers analyzed data from a government-run questionnaire called the UK Household Longitudinal Study, a survey that quizzes adult members of 40,000 households throughout the UK. Using questionnaire data collected between 2009 and 2016, the results are undisputed. Because they exhaust your body; take up so much time during the day; and can lead to becoming overweight – your productivity at work is drastically reduced. In fact, long commutes can be the equivalent of taking a 19% pay cut. For business owners, that means your company is not reaching its maximum potential.

But, what to do? On the surface, this seems like one of those cases where ignorance is bliss. For most people, it’s impossible to upend their lives just to spend less time on the road. The answer, however, may lie with exercise.  

John Abdo is regarded world wide as an authority on life motivation, health, fitness and athletic conditioning. Renowned for inventing the award-winning home gym, the Ab-Doer Twist, John is a former Olympic trainer, working with numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie Blair, a multiple Gold Medal recipient. Recently inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, John ranks among one of the most visible motivational educators for legions of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and coaches nationwide. As a highly demanded editorial consultant, John is a regular contributor to such popular magazines as Men’s Health, Details, Outside, Women’s World, and Muscle & Fitness.

The most significant side-effects of sitting in a car for a long time can be erased with a few minutes of exercise per day. John specializes in teaching people that they don’t need a gym to build an effective fitness routine. By understanding how muscles work, it’s possible to perform short bursts of physical activity right at your desk. In an interview, John can discuss how chairs, stairs, desks, and wall corners, can transform your office into a work-out center.

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