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Carlo LaQuinta – Plan B

Colombian singer-songwriter Carlo LaQuinta releases his new single Plan B.” The song is a romantic reggaeton that many will identify with. In this theme the artist presents a common situation of heartbreak in a cheerful way. Watch the music video HERE.

“Plan B” talks about the moment when one decides to let that person go after confirming that you were only the second option. The lyrics specifically narrate when one gets tired of the game and not being given his place.

The urban artist reported that the inspiration for the song is based on an experience and he developed it one night in the studio while he was meeting with his producers. Carlo LaQuinta assured, “I know that many will feel identified, but there are times when one’s peace of mind lies in letting go and letting go, there is no justification for being anyone’s Plan B.”

Likewise, he expressed, “feelings can more than time, distance and all the obstacles that arise in a relationship. I hope to reach the hearts of many and continue making progress with my musical proposal in the industry.”

On a musical level, in this song the reggaeton sounds are soft in tune with the heartbreak theme. However, it differs from the other themes, because despite the fact that it talks about heartbreak, it is presented in a cheerful way, giving diversity to the sensations when listening to it.

The theme “Plan B” also has a video that was recorded in Bogotá, Colombia and directed by Gustavo Camacho . In the video the protagonists are the artist and the model Caro Suarez. The young artist is singing on the stage of the Cádiz theater to that person who has him as a second option, personified by the model who constantly flirts with him. The visuals have constant transitions from color to black and white.

The song is now available on digital platforms and the video can be seen on the artist’s YouTube channel.

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