LEO/49yro/Creative Director at And Company

We had an opportunity to chat with Andrew about his🔥 (lit) Instagram and what inspired most of his photos.

“I love photography, and some of my favorite photographers are Mert + Marcus, Harry Benson, Herb RittsSteven Klein, and Jason Bell (who I worked with on the ad campaign for “The Crown” on Netflix). As a creative director for entertainment advertising, I’ve directed over 100 photo shoots with people ranging from Al Pacino, Missy Elliot, Drew Barrymore, Zendaya, Taye Diggs, and Helen Mirren.

I shoot everything on my iPhone–it’s always there, easy to use, and takes pretty good pictures. I use VSCO app for editing; it’s a free app that pro photographers use, and has filters that are more subtle than the ones on Instagram. 

Why do I take so many pics of myself? When inspiration strikes, I need a model that is right there, is patient, does what I say, is kinda cute, and doesn’t charge me for their time. So that’s me! I’ll set up the shot, place my iPhone on whatever’s handy–an old Starbucks cup, the base of a street sign, a window ledge–set the timer for 10 seconds, and…bam!

Clothing-wise, I’m inspired by the understated elegance of Helmut Lang, clean lines of Alexander Wang, sporty comfort of Zanerobe, and the accessibility of Target. I try to feature my shoes in my pics, since I am a sneaker head: I have over 100 pairs of sneakers from Adidas to Louboutin to Zara so I can coordinate my shoes with whatever I’m wearing. 

Next projects: a book on everything I’ve learned directing photo shoots, and a photo exhibition on androgynous guys in NYC–their beauty, style and courage intrigues me and I want to explore their world and help give them a voice.”