What You Should Know About Engagement Ring Etiquette

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting events in a lifetime. It’s a moment you share with your loved one before getting into marriage. And the fun in it is when you receive an engagement ring. Also, it’s a sensitive time with mixed reactions and expectations, so ensure you get the ring your partner will love as much as possible. Here’re several aspects of etiquette that focus on the engagement ring topic.  It’ll help you make the right decision depending on the situation.

  1. Choosing An Engagement Ring

There’re many options when it comes to selecting an engagement ring, such as a Moissanite halo ring, so it’s important that you select the right one. Consider several etiquette-related factors as you decide the type of ring that suits you and your partner.

  1. Necessity

It’s important to shop together as a couple in order to find what suits you both. However, other couples have a hint of what their partners love, so they go on to buy a ring. Also, you can wait for your ring to be designed and created into what you prefer. It’ll help you prepare well for the proposal, as well as save time doing things related to the engagement. Or, you can forgo an engagement ring altogether. 

  1. Paying For The Ring

In a normal setup, it’s the groom that buys the ring. But some couples decide to share the costs. Men should know what their partners prefer before spending money on an engagement ring. This includes the price, meaning what you can afford, or whether you can share costs with your partner. However, even modern women expect their men to buy the rings. They consider it romantic and the start of a healthy marriage.

  1. Reusing Ring

When couples get engaged, they believe that the marriage will last till death separates them. But broken engagements and marriages mean the couples may have an engagement ring on hand. If the wearer loves the ring, he or she may consider reusing it. Or, both partners can consider purchasing new rings not related to the past relationship. Also, previously used rings can undergo renovations.

  1. Men’s Engagement Rings

Most men wear a wedding band; however, they can wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their approaching weddings. Men’s engagement is different from women’s, but style preferences are available in many options. If the man wears an engagement ring, some people may think the wedding has already happened.  Couples should be ready to explain their preferences. 

  1. Wearing The Ring

The location you put your ring lies with you. You should know the traditional ring placement prior to the wedding, as well as during and after the wedding. It’s traditional that the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger. The ring finger is on the left hand. There are also right-hand rings that jewelers advocate for, but the ultimate choice lies with the couples. 


An engagement ring is important in most relationships. It’s not just a piece of sparkling jewelry as it means a lot since it’s a transition from dating to marriage. Understanding good etiquette in engagement rings, such as the Moissanite halo ring is critical when it comes to honoring the ring, as well as the commitment it represents.