Silvestre Dangond New Single "Pa' Que" via NV Marketing & Public Relations for use by 360 MAGAZINE


Vallenato idol and Latin Grammy winner Silvestre Dangond presents his new single Pa’ Que, the second song to be released as part of his new record production called Intruso, and which is characterized by being an album entirely dedicated to the urban genre.

Recently, the international star released the first promotional single from the new album, “No tenemos la culpa”, being one of the most special songs of his artistic career, since it was the first official song together with his son El Monaco, in addition to demonstrating his musical versatility with a song style that goes between the tropical and urban genres.

Pa’ Que is a song composed by Silvestre Dangond, together with Rafael Reggi Aponte, Andres Castro and Daniel Buitrago, in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment US Latin and David Daza as executive producer. The musical theme has a pop-urban melody, including the particular vallenato accordion. This song tells the story of a relationship that could have been more than just an adventure, as the performer indicates in his song: Everything will stay in the hotel sheets guilt came after pleasure. Assuring that many of his fans will feel identified with this musical piece.

The Pa’ Que official video clip was in charge of the production company Mastermind Entertainment, under the direction of Gus (Gustavo Camacho) and produced by Andrea Rodriguez. The audiovisual piece contains different shots where Silvestre Dangond can be seen in the foreground interpreting his theme in a dim lighting environment decorated with vintage-style furniture, in addition to other scenes that will remain in the expectation of the audience.

I am happy to present this song that represents the new version of what I’m doing in my musical career. I appreciate the unconditional support of all my silvestristas. Be on the lookout because I am coming with much more for all of you!  Silvestre commented.

As part of his international tour, Silvestre Dangond will spend the following October offering his concerts in several cities in the United States and Canada, fans can purchase their tickets online through the official page