A boundary-breaking eyewear reinvented, Oakley® 2024 MUZM Sub Zero N elevates pure physics to an art form. As a relic from the 90s, the Sub Zero silhouette debuted in the original 1992 Max Fearlight commercial with the film becoming a visual manifesto that established the brand’s mood and tone for over 30 years.

Today, in the new brand film featuring Team Oakley athlete Lucas Braathen, Max Fearlight’s original sunglasses are defrosted and reimagined with an evolution into Sub Zero N – bringing together the past and future.  

From the impossible task of creating eyewear that would be weightless, came a single continuous contour lens design with an overall weight of less than 20 grams. Carefully curated with the rare “N” lens-cut, a unique paint treatment, and revamped branding, the MUZM Matte Grey Smoke Sub Zero pays homage to Max Fearlight’s creative legacy. Featuring the same white Oakley branding Max wore before exiting the bunker, it is designed to closely cover your face. The Plutonite® lens material now comes with the bold two-tone Prizm™ Snow Torch Iridium® lens technology for an upgraded vision. Additional colorways include Burn Brush with Tungsten lenses and Carbon Fiber with Black lenses. Each with a unique paint treatment and Prizm Matte lenses for an upgraded vision experience. Every style is complete with a microbag and custom Oakley Muzm™ box sleeve. 

The MUZM collection celebrates the brand’s disruptive legacy and the bold designs that have shaped Oakley’s past and continue to define its future. Each MUZM piece is carefully selected from the brand’s archive and enhanced with the latest Oakley innovations, connecting generations to the brand’s cultural heritage. This latest iteration joins the brand’s icons of the past, including Eye Jacket, Racing Jacket, Mars X-Metal Leather, and more, which have been reborn with the MUZM series.  

The 2024 MUZM Sub Zero N will be available worldwide on May 30, in stores and online at Oakley.com

Oakley 2024 MUZM Sub Zero N via 360 MAGAZINE.
Oakley 2024 MUZM Sub Zero N via 360 MAGAZINE.
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