Today, Everybody Loves an Outlaw have released two remixes of their viral hit “I See Red.”

Everybody Loves an Outlaw

Today, Everybody Loves an Outlaw have released two remixes of their viral hit “I See Red.”The dark country/rock duo enlisted Albert Harvey and Tut Tut Child to rework the track with each artist putting their own spin on the original. Listen to both remixes HERE.

Everybody Loves an Outlaw is Texas-bred, Colorado-based husband/wife duo Bonnie Sims [voice] and Taylor Sims [guitar]. For nearly a decade, the couple slogged it out in various projects, logging thousands of hours and countless gigs in bars, clubs, theaters, and anywhere else with a stage. In 2017, the musicians officially launched Everybody Loves an Outlaw. Many more shows followed before they hit the studio with producer Robbie Nevil during 2018 to record what would become their independent debut EP, I See Red. Along the way, they landed high-profile syncs in shows such as Vampire Diaries. Their quiet grind has paid off in a big way the past couple months: “I See Red” piped through a key and climactic scene in the unexpected NETFLIX smash 365 DNI, which dominated the streaming platform.

In a matter of weeks, the original version of “I See Red” tallied over 21 million Spotify streams, spent nearly two weeks at #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, topped Spotify’s US Viral Chart, trended on Apple Music, and received widespread acclaim. Idolator pegged it as a “Future Hit, and Rolling Stone dubbed it “one of the film’s most iconic tracks. Defying the rules, Everybody Loves an Outlaw turned a traditional come-up into a decidedly modern phenomenon.

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