By Payton Saso

Twin sister music group, Elixir, may be new to the music scene but should definitely be on your radar.

Originally from Carroliton, Georgia, the sisters, Aleeya and Aleexus Crowder, were raised in a structured and comfortable home, but that never hindered their creative abilities. The twins say that they were able to discover their musical talents from the encouragement of their parents to stimulate their creative side.

Once a shared past-time the twins loved, music quickly transitioned to a hobby to a career.

By channeling influence from the realness of nature, lyrically emphasizing the truth, and the hopes to provide relief through music, the twins have released nine songs across the streaming platform Spotify.

With their devotion to individuality and putting out creative energy through their music, it is no surprise that they feel inspired from Masego and Andre 3000 as well.

While the onset of the pandemic has halted many artists ability to grow and perform, Elixir is using this time to tap into their creativity. When asked how they’ve been using their time they said, “We have been working on more music and projects and we also are starting a new business wire wrapping healing stones that is keeping us busy as well.”

With live performances also on halt, Elixir is planning a virtual performance toward the end of October in order to still connect with their fans, while still following regulations.

What’s next for the twins? Well, they say they plan on creating and sharing music videos for their previously released singles and continue to grow as a duo.



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