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Who is Dei V?

The artist Dei V presents himself on the Latin music scene with his new production “Who is Dei V?” This talented artist from Puerto Rico has come to stay with a unique rhythm and an interpretation that captivates all lovers of the urban genre.

After his release “Right Thru” Dei V, who achieved almost 2 million views on all digital platforms, has more than 500k followers on his social networks, more than 15 million views on YouTube and 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, is one of the most outstanding artists of the new wave of music made in PR, “Dei V,” who has refreshed the scene, becoming one of the most outstanding voices of the urban genre of tomorrow.

With his fresh and original style, Dei V has won the hearts of his audience with a sound that combines elements of reggaeton, pop, and hip-hop. In “Who is Dei V?,” we can hear his powerful voice and his ability to create exciting and memorable lyrics.

In addition to his musical talent, Dei V has directed his artistic career with a professional and driven attitude. After years of hard work and dedication, he is ready to take the world by storm with his music.

For all of the above, the media and his audience cannot stop expecting the best from this young artist who promises to take the music industry to the next level with his unique songs and innovative style.

The song was composed by “Dei V” and speaks of the fact that many people ask themselves the question: Where is Dei V? referring to the fact that the artist supposedly appears and disappears from the music industry, but the artist makes it clear in the song that while people ask these kinds of questions, he continues to work in silence and achieve such great things as being invited by Karol G to a massive concert in PR.

With this musical evolution, “Dei V” seeks to take another step in the internationalization of his career and consolidate his leadership position among the members of the new generation in the national and international market.

“Who is Dei V?” It is now available worldwide on all digital platforms, as is his video, which can be found on the artist’s YouTube channel.

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