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Today, rising singer/songwriter Towa Bird shares her frenetic new single “Boomerang” via Interscope Records. An up-close look at the torment of long-distance relationships, “Boomerang” spotlights the mesmerizing guitar work that has made the Hong Kong-born artist one of the most dynamic new voices in the alt-pop world. Listen to “Boomerang” HERE.

Produced by Thomas Powers of New Zealand indie-pop band The Naked and Famous (Towa’s main collaborator on the LP), “Boomerang” emerged as the Los Angeles-based musician struggled with the constant back-and-forth of her relationship with her girlfriend, who lives in New York City.

“This song was born after spending a glorious but short-lived five days visiting my girlfriend,” says Towa, who co-wrote “Boomerang” with Powers and Alisa Xayalith (also of The Naked and Famous). “I stepped off the plane back in L.A. after crying into my face mask for the entirety of the six-hour flight, and the concept for ‘Boomerang’ was born. It’s about how long-distance relationships are possibly the worst thing ever invented — the worst party ever. (Pro-tip: don’t do it!) But if you do happen to find yourself in that sort of scenario, just know that me and this song will meet you there.”

Built on a bold collision of Britpop and garage-punk, “Boomerang” opens on a blistering riff before taking on a feverish momentum fueled by fuzzed-out guitar tones, pulse-pounding rhythms, and wildly soaring melodies. As the song unfolds, Towa’s voice channels both dreamy fragility and raw frustration, achieving a certain soulful intensity at the chorus (“Leave me like a boomerang/I know you’re coming back”). Equal parts heart-on-sleeve confession and sublimely furious anthem, the result is an immediate hit of pure emotional catharsis.

The latest offering from Towa’s forthcoming debut album, “Boomerang” arrives on the heels of Wild Heart — an April release that earned praise from the likes of NYLON (who called the track “exuberant”) and Guitar World (who hailed it as “an infectious indie-pop romp”). Another prime showcase for the dazzling musicality that landed her on Dazed’s definitive list of creatives shaping youth culture, her debut single was soon followed by a gritty but fantastical video in which Towa performs an explosive guitar solo in a glittering, Elvis-esque jumpsuit —watch it HERE.  Check out Homme girls’ recent coverage of Towa HERE.

A half-Filipino, half-English artist who spent much of her childhood in Thailand and London, Towa first started playing guitar at the age of 12, honing her technique by strumming along to The Kinks, The Who, and other bands she discovered through her father’s record collection. After forming her first band at age 14, she cut her teeth playing dive bars and street festivals in Hong Kong, then went on to study at Goldsmiths, University of London. Naming Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, and Prince among her longtime inspirations, Towa dropped out of school after two years to pursue her love of music and got her start producing and co-writing for other artists, in addition to posting videos that found her soloing over hip-hop, pop, and R&B songs. As her singular guitar style gained attention across the globe — and earned admiration from the likes of Willow Smith and Tyler, the Creator — Towa began sharing original music and soon after inked her deal with Interscope Records. Due out later this year, Towa’s debut album offers up an intimate exploration of queerness, identity, and the complexities of love.

Photo Credit: Thong Luc

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