Top Five Hidden Tips for Buying the Right Bathtub Cushion

If you’re looking forward to a long, peaceful soak after a long day at work, but you know the harsh edge of your bathtub will cause neck and backache. With a suitable bathtub cushion, no more suffering! To enhance your posture and decrease neck, shoulder, and back strains that lead to pain, invest in a bath pillow to support your neck and back. Here are some hidden factors to keep in mind while buying a bath pillow.

Choose Durable Pillow

Choose pillows made of high-quality, long-lasting materials. Select materials that can handle both hot and cold temperatures. For excellent support of your neck, shoulder, and back, a pillow should be firm. For comfort and durability, choose an option that combines foam and vinyl for the exterior. Some bath pillows come with a lifetime money-back guarantee, showing that the maker is confident in their product’s durability. Proper storage of your pillow increases its durability thus increased service.

Easy Maintenance

Pillows made of easy-to-clean and dry materials are ideal. Choose a machine-washable product if you don’t want to hand-wash it. Some pillows come with a hook that to hang them to dry and ventilates them faster. To avoid bacteria growth, clean and disinfect your pillow after each use. Do not iron our pillow, just dry air it.

Think About The Shape And Size Of Your Bathtub

Bath pillows come in unique designs. They come in different shapes and sizes. You should consider the size of your bathtub and choose one that fits the shape and size of your bathtub. Always check the comfort that the pillows offer. It should give your neck and back the support they need.

Check The Suction Cups

Bath pillows come with suction cups. Imagine trying to relax in your bathtub with your pillow slipping and requiring constant repositioning. It can be tiring and irritating, and you cannot relax as you had imagined. When attached to a bathtub, suction cups give your bath pillows firmness, preventing them from slipping. Look for pillows with extra-large suction cups; the more suction cups, the more the pillow stick to the tub.

Material Used

Fabric and inflatable plastic are the two types of materials used to make bath pillows. Inflatable plastic is completely waterproof and dries quickly. Though it is portable, it is uncomfortable compared to fabric bath pillows and can easily slip when you’re enjoying your bath. Fabric pillows are gentle on the skin and provide luxurious comfort. They contain a breathable mesh material that does not irritate your skin or cause sore necks and backs, although they take longer to dry.


To avoid rapid wear and tear, as well as mold and mildew, you must take care of your bath pillow, just as you would shower curtains and mats. Bath pillows can help relieve headaches and muscle discomfort by turning your bath into a relaxing experience thus giving you Everlasting Comfort. Bathing in a nice and relaxing tub will not only give you comfort but it can also be therapeutic and can help you relax and sleep better at night.

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