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Tokyo’s Revenge – Viral Hit

Tokyo’s Revenge has today released the official video for his viral hit “GOODMORNINGTOKYO” — track off his EP MDNGHT (SIDE B) which peaked at #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50. The video is the first look into the wonderfully twisted world that Tokyo’s Revenge has built in the time the song has become a global favorite (accumulating multiple challenges and dance videos on Tik Tok). Featuring Cliiiford (the track’s producer) and directed by James “JMP” Pereira, watch the heart thumping, energetic video now.

About Tokyo’s Revenge
If you’re unfamiliar with Tokyo’s Revenge, that’s intentional. The multi-disciplinary artist has made a point of keeping himself anonymous, and yet, he is set to be one of the year’s most exciting addition to the music landscape. Tokyo has risen through the charts with viral track “GOODMORNINGTOKYO” which peaked at #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 with more than 43 Million streams, peaked at #2 on Rolling Stone’s Trending 25 chart on the fastest rising songs of the week, peaked at #1 on the Bubbling under Hot 100 Billboard chart and received more than 12.3 million plays on SoundCloud.

A self-taught musician, Tokyo began rapping at an early age, learning to freestyle at high school amongst various hobbies ranging from art to video games. He recorded his first song with a friend’s equipment couchsurfing, post-high school graduation and working security guard and pizza shop jobs. Now at the helm of new music and videos, Tokyo’s Revenge is quickly rising in ranks and relishing at being the battery pack the music has been missing.

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