Following an extraordinary immersive performance at Glastonbury, The Bomb, will debut on Netflix, August 1. New York York was first and unforgettable, Berlin was timely and now, we write this after a mesmerizing showcase of The Bomb at the 2017 Glastonbury Festival.

With support and technical guidance, Glastonbury built massive 360 degree screens out in the open fields of Somerset. The Acid played three powerful shows over the festival and the audience reacted with open jaws.

Now, thanks to the continued support of our partners, we are thrilled to share The Bomb, with audiences worldwide on Netflix.

There, the film will join classics like Dr. Strangelove and Atomic Cafe, iconic reminders of what nuclear weapons can do to our society and tools to inspire public interest.

Through this new platform, The Bomb, will engage people across the globe, reaching outside of the city center and away from technology hubs, broadening the network of those aware of the threat of nuclear weapons and deepening the conversation throughout society.