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Klaus Jakelski on Doctors and the Unimaginable

By Klaus Jakelski Frank Lambert’s soul had hemorrhaged dry long before he volunteered for his present deployment. He just didn’t know it yet. The battle-hardened surgeon had seen action in Rwanda, Burundi and Chechnya. Some of the bad memories he had suppressed. Others came to him only in nightmares, which he could never quite remember. […]

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FBI Discredits Antifa’s Involvement

The FBI finds ‘no intel indicating Antifa involvement’ in Sunday’s violence. Trump wants to designate Antifa a terrorist organization despite lack of authority and zero evidence of wrongdoing, reports Nation DC correspondent Ken Klippenstein, based on a leaked internal FBI situation report: The FBI’s Washington Field Office “has no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement/presence” in the violence that occurred on May […]