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megaformer studio image by kai yeo for use by 360 magazine


By: Kai Yeo

If it’s functional, is it fashionable? Mono B has you covered. First established in 2010, Mono B is a female led Los Angeles based brand that creates activewear to fill the market’s need for trendy and affordable active apparel. For the past decade, Mono B has supplied apparel for women and men in thousands of stores across the US and abroad, from small, independent shops to giant retailers and gyms. This past week, 360 MAGAZINE got the opportunity to try out a set from Mono B on a Megaformer machine with Megaformer Studio Weho.

While sipping on an Olipop, we got to speak with our class instructor Caitlin, and talked about some concerns about working out on the Megaformer for the first time. If anyone else is unfamiliar, the Lagree Method combines strength, core, cardio/circuit training and stretching into an intense 50-minute exercise experience while blending high-intensity and low-impact together. As it is a new and improved workout construct with appeal to both men and women, the Lagree Fitness experience is challenging and delivers on its reputation. Click here to learn more about the Megaformer/Lagree workout.

Unlike other workouts, the Megaformer adapts to your personal needs with its flexibility. This allows you to modify the moves so that it feels good. At the start of class, the instructor always asks about injuries to takes notes and personally comes by your station to make sure modifications are made to lessen impact. While a moving platform can be intimidating for first timers, the variety of handholds allows easy weight-shifting in every position, providing extra support. Starting at $34, you can book a class on their website.

By the end of the class, everyone was drenched in sweat – but our Mono B Honeycomb leggings and bra set proved to be sweat-proof!

Additionally, we were also sent away with a Baggallini full of goodies from a few brands such as Dearfoams, que, and Andie Gechtman Studio.

Shop all Mono B here.

megaformer studio image by kai yeo for use by 360 magazine

megaformer studio image by kai yeo for use by 360 magazine

image by kai yeo for use by 360 magazine