The 24-year-old pop singer released a new song, “Fetish,” featuring Gucci ManeJonas Jeberg and The Futuristics produced the breathy number, the second single from her upcoming third studio album, SG2. She first teased the title of “Fetish” at the end of her ’70s-themed music video for “Bad Liar,” which was directed by Jesse Peretz and premiered in June. Gomez recently released the behind the scenes video, which looks into the production of the music video itself.

Gomez currently has two singles on the Billboard Hot 100: “Bad Liar” and “It Ain’t Me.”

“Fetish” is available on iTunes, Spotify and other services. Chloe Angelides,
Gino Barletta, Gomez, Jeberg, Joe KhajadourianManeBrett McLaughlin
and Alex Schwartz wrote the song. Gomez filmed a lyric video to promote the track, featuring a three-minute close-up on her lips.

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