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Rising artist UNFITS on their first single “Satisfy Me” and working with legendary producer Emily Haynie

The music industry is a fickle beast. There are so many bands that spend years on the touring circuit pushing to build a fanbase, without ever seeing success. And then, on the other hand, there are some artists that hit it out of the park on their first up at bat, thanks to a combination of talent, ambition, and a myriad other factor that can be difficult to pin down. 

UNFITS are a band that seem destined for overnight success. Led by vocalist El Sueño and collaborator Eric Scullin – both of whom have written and recorded with artists like RZA (Wu Tang Clan) and the legendary emcee Royce da 5’9 — the band has been on a wild trajectory over the past few months, amassing a major following nearly overnight thanks to the success of their first single “Satisfy Me.” Recorded by Grammy winning producer Emily Haynie — known for his work with Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, Eminem, Kid Cudi, and Lady Gaga — “Satisfy Me” has already received more than 1.2 million streams and will be featured on the band’s debut album, slated for release later this year. 

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We spoke with El Sueño about the band’s rise to success, the new single “Satisfy Me,” and the upcoming music video for the song, which was shot in 7 countries around the world with a cast of social media celebrities like The Real Tarzann and Jay Alvarrez.

360 Magazine: Tell us a little bit about your background. When did you start writing music?

El Sueño: I started writing music when I was 10 years old on acoustic guitar and piano…mostly inspired by Bob Dylan and The Clash.

360 Magazine: You’ve already worked with some impressive artists during your career. What was it like collaborating with RZA? Did seeing his process inform how you work?

El Sueño: Hearing RZA tell us stories about New York City’s five boroughs, getting shot at, and ultimately using the power of music as his way out resonated deeply. Music is sometimes more than just an artistic medium, it’s a redemption. RZA’s process deeply affected our creativity and fearlessness about being artists.

360 Magazine: We love “Satisfy Me.” Can you tell us a little bit about the song? What was it like working with Emile Haynie?

El Sueño: “Satisfy me” is how I felt after visiting 50 countries, and feeling like I had seen everything in excess, but still searching for something to be satiated.

I wrote the song while drinking tequila in the back of a tour bus in less than 10 minutes and recorded it on my iPhone. It somehow found its way to Emile Haynie, who called me and asked me to meet him at Charlie Chaplin’s old studio to produce the song. At first when I heard Emile Haynie wanted to work on it I thought it was a prank. He had produced two of my favorite artists of all time (Lana Del Rey and Kanye West). It was like the Beethoven of pop and culture calling to work. Incredibly honored and grateful to be able to learn from him and work on new music now.

360 Magazine: You shot the music video for “Satisfy Me” in seven countries around the world. What was the shoot like? Can you tell us anything about the video?

El Sueño: I love film and am inspired by Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan. So I decided to take a stab at directing the music video. Nothing could have prepared us for going  with the team into war zones in Ukraine, and shark infested waters in Moorea. I think this is the first music video where we actually had a real strong chance of actually dying while we were shooting it.

360 Magazine: How did you connect with The Real Tarzann and Jay Alvarrez?

El Sueño: I met the Real Tarzann and Jay Alvarrez in Bora Bora for Saving The Reefs. We hit it off and have become close friends, and we’re now shooting a reality show.

360 Magazine: You have just released your first single with The UNFITS. What are your aspirations and plans for 2020?

El Sueño: I want to take music fans on a musical journey through our upcoming album and live on the road. All I want to do in life is connect with other people and share the redemption I found in music with the world.

360 Magazine: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

El Sueño: Don’t be a little glitch.

*Photo by Shayan Asgharnia

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