On Presents “Beyond Number One”

A Short Film Featuring Tennis World No. 1 Iga Świątek

The first episode of On’s new short film series, “Dream Together,” celebrates the unwavering spirit of tennis sensation Iga Świątek and offers viewers a rare and intimate glimpse into her life.

An intimate glimpse into Iga Świątek’s life both on and off the court is portrayed in the first episode released today of the Swiss sportswear brand’s new series of short films titled “Dream Together.”

“Beyond Number One” is an eight-and-a-half-minute film produced by ‘On’ and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jason Harper, that explores the complexity of being a professional athlete. It showcases how the Polish tennis icon finds the strength and drive to believe in her dreams through the help of all those who have been supporting the 22-year-old during her rapid rise to the top of the game.

While following Iga around the world, from Palm Springs, California, to her hometown of Warsaw in Poland, viewers observe the close bond between Iga and her dedicated team, comprised of sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz, tennis coach Tomasz Wiktorowski, and strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist Maciej Ryszczuk.

The short film portrays Iga as an athlete and young woman who reflects on the triumphs, pressures, and expectations that come with being the world’s number one player.

“I’d like to inspire the younger generation to believe in themselves and in their dreams while also accepting defeats and vulnerability as part of the process. Making “Beyond Number One” offered me the chance to speak about this topic and offer fans a deeper insight into my journey to this point. It was a great experience for me and also for my entire team, who I loved having with me on this project”, Świątek says.

With stunning cinematography and heartfelt storytelling, “Beyond Number One” promises to captivate tennis enthusiasts and non-sports fans alike, offering a compelling journey from aspiration to world-class achievement with a voice of inspiration that highlights the importance of shared dreams.

Film Premiere and Surprise Visit

To celebrate the film’s launch, On hosted a community event in partnership with the Ace Club at the Centre Sportif Jean Dixmier in Paris. Tennis enthusiasts, local players, and ambassadors came together for a day of tennis on the Parisian clay courts and a surprise visit from the queen of clay and star of the film, Iga Świątek.

But Świątek was in for a surprise herself: the 22-year-old received prominent support from “Friends” actress and avid tennis player Courteney Cox. In 2022, “Friends”-fan Świątek had commented on a humorous reel showing Cox at tennis training: “If we’d play doubles together, no-one would have hit you… just saying.” 

On helped turn that idea into a reality in Paris. After presenting the short film in an exclusive preview for present tennis enthusiasts, community members, and the media, Iga and Courteney chatted about a multitude of topics during a Q&A session. Afterward, and to the delight of more than 50 guests, the iconic pairing took to the court for a short match before Świątek spent some time playing with community members as well.

With two subsequent episodes centering on running stars and On athletes Dominic Lobalu, Sintayehu Vissa, and Hellen Obiri to be released throughout the summer, the “Dream Together” series showcases the inspiring lives, struggles, and paths of these athletes on their way to the biggest stages in sport. The series explores the unifying power of ambition and unwavering support that has helped each of the athletes in different ways on their journey to becoming elite in their field.

Beyond Number One presented by On can now be seen HERE.

Courteney Cox and Iga Świątek via 360 MAGAZINE.
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