Leather Bags Are Not Made Equal: Discover The Best From 2020

A leather bag comes in many shapes, sizes and textures. They are not made equal. Discover the best of the best leather bags in 2020.

Whether you have a professional image to uphold or you like the posh feel of real leather accessories, leather bags are part of an essential wardrobe. Yet they’re not all the same. From small to large, each bag’s qualities show a different side of your personality. 

Keep reading to find the best leather bags of 2020 so far, from posh clutches to shoulder bags you’d be proud to wear as a professional.

Messenger Bags

Leather accessories like messenger bags and briefcases help preserve your professional image. You can’t do without a sizable bag to carry your laptop, files, and other important documents to and from the office.

Messenger bags have the added benefit of a strap, often worn either crossbody or over one shoulder. A briefcase isn’t as casual, however, so if your office environment is more formal, choosing a leather briefcase looks more appropriate. They’re also easy to care for.

Leather Bags and Purses

If style is all you’re going for, then your 2020 purse has to be a leather bag. Whether you go with a traditional style envelope crossbody or something more modern, the leather completes your look. Even a festival bag or a plain zipper-style works in many colors and textures.

Choose a small backpack style leather bag for functionality and chic presentation. While this style is popular this spring, it’s also useful and fits a lot more than a regular purse.

Shoulder Bags

When the situation calls for more cargo space, 2020’s fabulous styles have you covered. Use large leather bags or totes to get the job done. If you’re running somewhere, many of these larger bags even fit a laptop.

Moms everywhere can rejoice at the return of larger bags to the style scene because they’ll hold whatever you need. For any traveler, they’ll work well as an overnight bag.

Clutches and Small Purses

For minimalist style gurus or one day or evening out, you don’t need as much space. Use small leather bags and clutch purses to put a swanky spin on your usual look.

These diminutive options don’t take away anything despite their size. They accent a more elegant look for a distinctly high-class image.

Other Goods and Apparel

Leather goods don’t stop at purses and bags. Other leather apparel and accessories can help complete the new you. Look for items like leather journals, wallets and card cases to explode in popularity this year.

Putting together the perfect ensemble starts with the right accessories. Choosing a bag and matching leather goods makes or breaks the outfit from head to toe.

Your Statement Year

This is the year for you to embrace a posh new look. It starts with these stylish leather bags, the best from 2020. 

Whether you go with a small clutch or a larger shoulder bag, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful leather purse to complete your new wardrobe.

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