Following his recently released EP, Death of You & IIsaac Gracie is pleased to share his new single, “Terrified”.

There would be a way to introduce Isaac Gracie that could make these early days of his music career sound golden: the 23-year-old London-raised singer-songwriter who sent the music industry into a fever with his debut track ‘Last Words’ — a song so finely-wrought, so tenderly poetic, as to mark him out as Britain’s brightest young thing. But that would be disingenuous. Because while Gracie is of course all of those things, he is also a young man in flux, a new artist in the midst of working out just who he is, what he wants, and what he’s doing. Bewildered, and at times frustrated — but sowing those frustrations into his music.
Yet the success of his recent EP, an emotive but direct and pressing spate of recordings, and now here its successor Terrified, suggests that inner turmoil might well have been shed at the last corner as Isaac tentatively strides forth. Having spent the last days of Autumn nestled neatly on the Radio 1 playlist (with the EP’s title track) and captivating audiences out on the roads of Europe and the UK, Isaac’s graph of success is cautiously, steadily heading in the direction of top right. The venues are becoming bigger, the live performances are now backed by a band to make the sound that much broader, and the confidence is starting to show.
If you’ve been following Isaac’s releases carefully, you’ll perhaps already recognise Terrified as a self-produced demo right back where it all started, on an EP of rough but hugely promising acoustic solo tracks. It was as melodious then as it is here, but the song now soars, swells, and glides. It sounds noticeably ‘big’ without sounding busy, and it’s Isaac’s economy with words that gives it the room and space to breathe.
With a debut album currently being finished and expected in the Spring of 2018 via Virgin EMI, and further live dates across the globe being added to almost weekly, Isaac Gracie could well become the household name that these songs threaten.
It might have taken him a minute or two to work out who he is, what he wants, and indeed, to work out why on earth the spotlight looks set to fall on him next year, but Isaac Gracie has found his voice, his words, and ultimately his resilience to place himself front and centre of whatever is to follow. It’s a journey worth following. Join him.
Previous EPs are available to purchase on vinyl here:

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