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How Pop Culture affects the Marijuana Industry

Pop culture has had a huge effect on the marijuana industry, which many people are unaware of this. Music affects the market–especially when artists in pop culture are proclaiming their love for weed. Simultaneously, they are also influencing cannabis usage among young adults. The more popularized marijuana becomes, the more of an impact it will have on other industries– like healthcare, agriculture, and law enforcement.

In recent years, the cannabis industry has exploded with new products and research. One of the most interesting developments is how pop culture can affect this industry. For example, Snoop Dogg has released a line of marijuana called “Leafs by Snoop” to provide medical marijuana to patients in need. Furthermore, high-profile celebrities like Rihanna have been outspoken about their use of cannabis for medicinal use. So, without further ado, here’s how pop culture affects the marijuana industry.

The Cannabis Industry Is Growing

The 20th century has opened the gates to a multitude of revolutionary ideas including cannabis, which is now accepted as a part of pop culture. In 2021, cannabis is estimated to have an average global consumption of 26.4 billion, and is apparently worth 20.5 billion dollars. This increased popularity is due to its legalization. As a result, a creative phenomenon known as “pot tourism” has gained recognition. More than that, it has led to many products being available–such as bongs, dry herb vaporizers, and dab rigs–sold by a variety of online stores like Grasscity, and many more. Cannabis users visit pro-cannabis shops to help fulfill their desires of free cannabis usage. As such, the popularity of recreational drug usage has caused decreased alcohol usage, as recorded in recent consumption rates. This is good, because cannabis acts as an intervention to help alcoholics defeat their addiction. Cannabis brands have also started to use popular phrases in their advertising campaigns in a bid to be more relatable with their audience. A contemporary example of such is the term “420,” which has been used a lot in both pop culture and ads.

Celebrities Change Your View On Weed

Marijuana companies are now sponsoring events, as a result of consumer growth of marijuana. The most famous examples are the 1969 Woodstock festival, and events like Coachella. Marijuana companies have even started sponsoring sports teams–even the infamously stern NFL decided to allow cannabis sponsorships. Aurora even sponsored a concert of Phantogram at the Danforth Music Hall.

In a world filled with uncertainty regarding the legality of cannabis, the endless sponsorships deserve a lot of credit in the war for legalization. Celebrities have played a large role in using their higher status to promote and normalize recreational drug usage. Snoop Dogg, the rapper, has been spotted in various public events casually smoking a joint and actors like Seth Rogen public advocate and practice smoking marijuana. The effect of this normalization is the potential for cannabis to change the mindset of the masses.

More Companies Are Entering The Cannabis Market

Despite the social war for cannabis usage, there are many companies that stick their neck out for its legalization. The reason for this is because legalization would allow for the increased consumption of drugs–which, of course, results in more business. Either way, it advances the fight for legalization and advocates a benefit for cannabis’ usage. The rapidly growing competition and money that is generated from this product allows for a much wider marijuana market to be normalized. The government has the potential to regulate the market for cannabis, separating the line between medical and recreational drugs, but making way for relatively free consumption.

It is quite evident that the use of cannabis definitely is affected by pop culture, which has paved the way for the industry to grow exponentially over the last few years. The celebrities and well-known figures, as well as many companies, are now influentially advocating for cannabis usage in the industry. More weed means more money, and even the government is noticing this. Hence, this is why cannabis is becoming more legalized in a lot more states. In the next decade or so, we are bound to see change and improvement in the industry.

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