Check out on August 14-16, dfrntpigeon at POOLTRADESHOW. Dfrntpigeon’s teen designers recently launched their edgy inaugural collection: Identity, which will be exciting to look forward to at POOL this year.

Dfrntpigeon is a dynamic streetwear label launched by the nonprofit New Avenues for Youth. Based in Portland, dfrntpigeon is the result of a social enterprise that provides at-risk youth (many of which are LGBTQ) with a professional design mentorship from volunteers across the creative industry. They go from being kids who wear the brands they didn’t ask for, to concepting, creating, designing, and launching a line of clothing that directly challenges the negative perceptions of youth homelessness.

From shirts, pins, to tote bags, each and every design has a special message created by these designers. One incredible designs challenges the question of “who are you?” Seemingly ambiguous at first, the Collage Tee (pictured below) combines facial features and expressions to capture the complex spectrum of our emotional identity.


For more information and more designs, check dfrntpigeon at: dfrntpigeon Official.

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