Colombian Artist Dante Sabogal’s First U.S. Exhibition To Showcase At Valentia Restaurant During Miami Art Week


During Miami Art Week 2017, colorblind Colombian Artist Dante Sabogal will exhibit for the first time in the United States at Valentia MediterraneanRestaurant, Miami’s newest hotspots on Brickell Avenue known for the best paella in the city. Dante’s work will officially be on view beginning Friday, December 1, 2017 and through January 2018. Inquiries about the paintings can be made

Dante has a form of color blindness called protanopia where he has reduced sensitivity to the color red which allows him to paint masterful portraits that only the imaginative can see. He sees the colors of people in a completely different light and it showcases vividly through his artwork. Only 8% of men worldwide have some form of color blindness and one percent of these men have protanopia like Dante.

When he begins the process of painting, he studies the character before he sketches. If it’s a musician, he’ll listen to the music while he paints. If it’s a poet, he’ll read interviews. He dives deep in to the character and soul of each person he paints as the colors reflect their being.

“Painting for me is an act of freedom and vulnerability. It’s a way to touch humanity. When I paint, I embody all kinds of feelings and emotions to build with my brush, drawing inspiration from my subjects,” said Dante. “Art is a chemical world that strips you of your masks and clothing. In the end, it leaves you totally naked. For a moment, you are free of the weight of your own being and can connect with others.”

Born in Colombia in the city of Santiago de Cali, capital of the department of Valle del Cauca, Dante didn’t know his love for drawing and painting would become one of the most unique techniques seen in the world. He was born in to a middle-class family yet still he fell on troubled times. In order to earn money, he played his guitar and sang on the buses. Still, he continued to sketch and paint privately.

After a friend helped to discover him in Colombia, it was well received by the community and shortly after, Dante became a recognized artist in his own town. Now, he’s venturing to the United States to share his creations beginning at one of Miami’s hottest restaurants.

Valentia Mediterranean is known for its traditional, yet daring combinations of flavors from all over the Mediterranean. The restaurant’s atmosphere has an inviting and warm vibe which attracts high profile names, community residents and Miami visitors alike. It’s also known for being highly authentic from the dishes it service to the welcoming staff. Owner of Villa Mediterranean, Iván Marzal, is passionate about gastronomic experiences and connecting with people which has resulted in a successful launch in this new city he calls home.

Marzal says “I’m proud to host Dante’s first exhibition in the United States at our restaurant because he understands the powerful impact of human connection through food, art and community, which is exactly what we provide.”

For more information about Dante, follow him on Facebook @DanteSabogalArt, Instagram and Twitter @DanteSabogal. Videos of Dante painting can be found on YouTube.

For more information about Valentia Mediterranean, Follow the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram @ ValentiaMediterranean, as well as Twitter @ValentiaMiami.

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