Provides a Digital Space for Black Artists

Can’t get enough of Black History? 

Check out BLACK IN COLOR, a new online platform that recognizes and celebrates contemporary Black Artists and their works!

Too often artists are not appreciated until they are gone, and BLACK IN COLOR is building a community of Black Artists to help talented creatives increase their visibility and raise awareness around their works, while helping them monetize and build their brands.

Launched in January 2022 by entrepreneurs Lola Wood and Candice Tasker, Black In Color is a collective of Black artists who want to share and showcase their works with the world. 

Through online exhibitions, featured artists highlights and curated walk throughs, Black In Color provides a meaningful access point for the public to view and discover various works of art by Black artists, and in doing so, Black In Color helps Black artists connect with a global network of art collectors and enthusiasts!

About Black In Color:

Black In Color (BIC) is an organization founded by Candice Tasker and Lola Wood created to provide a platform for Black artists and their works. BIC provides a space that identifies and amplifies artists of color so they too can be seen, appreciated, experienced, and valued. BIC highlights remarkable talent with artistic works containing central themes of identity, activism, and cultural influence, working to create a group of art world professionals who empower one another to achieve mutual success, while bringing awareness to important issues that impact the community. To date, BIC has collaborated with various artists, including Maria-Lana Queen, Janet Pickett Taylor, and Robin Holder, to name a few, and the list is only getting longer.

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