LuisaViaRoma Celebrates the Lunar New Year together with the artist Sean Wu via 360 MAGAZINE.

Sean Wu’s Bamboo Install

On the occasion of the 2024 Lunar New Year, LuisaViaRoma celebrates the Year of the Dragon with an immersive in-store installation in collaboration with the Chinese designer Sean Wu.

Sean Wu’s bamboo installation for LuisaViaRoma weaves together eastern aesthetics and sustainable materials to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Year of the Dragon starts from February 10th and it is one of the most popular out of the twelve zodiac signs. According to Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes good fortune, excellence and determination, dignity and divinity, power over weather and water, and a pioneering spirit.

The core element of the dedicated installation at LuisaViaRoma store is the bamboo, an extremely symbolic material for Chinese culture, representing toughness, grace and harmony.

Alongside the entrance of the store, immediately under the arch, an ornamental bamboo sculpture invites the visitors to immerse themselves into the peculiar masterpiece by Sean Wu, while the screen right behind it is reproducing video footage of bamboo artworks. To set up the main in-store installation, the artist crafted the bamboo sticks in order to recreate the undulating, waving dragon shapes, made even more attractive by an inner lighting system as artistic embellishment to let visitors dive into three different spatial artistic plans. 

The dragon installations, crafted from organic materials, highlight Sean Wu’s focus on sustainable designs. The spatial experience showcases the captivating dragon motif to celebrate the Lunar New Year. 

“I believe that creativity has the power to touch hearts and create connections between people. Just like the spirit of a dragon, it lies in the ability to connect and unite,” says Sean Wu.

The installation is on display at the LuisaViaRoma store in Florence from February 6th until the 21st.

LuisaViaRoma Celebrates the Lunar New Year together with the artist Sean Wu via 360 MAGAZINE.

About Sean Wu

Sean Wu is a Chinese contemporary artist and designer with a distinctive focus on sustainability and Eastern aesthetics. With a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the esteemed South China University of Technology and Politecnico di Torino, Sean seamlessly blends his architectural expertise with his artistic practice, transforming discarded materials into visually stunning art installations.

Sean’s artistic creations serve as powerful expressions of his commitment to environmental-friendly practices and sustainable design. By repurposing and upcycling materials that are often overlooked, Sean brings attention to the potential beauty that lies within the seemingly mundane. His visual language masterfully weaves together Chinese motifs and aesthetics with a contemporary twist, resulting in a unique fusion of the old and new, the organic and man-made.

As the founder of WILD Creative, Sean continually challenges conventional notions of both art and design, pushing boundaries with every project. His artistic vision extends to collaborations with renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton,Audemars Piguet, Aesop, New Balance, and more.

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