RYAN MOSLEY × “Spotted Pyjamas”

Ryan Mosley

Spotted Pyjamas

15″ x 10.7″, archival pigment print

Signed edition of 50



Blending together art historical themes, styles, and movements with a unique sense of deadpan humor, Ryan Mosley’s paintings exist as contemporary tragicomedy. Mosely works through a spontaneous process, eschewing sketches and blueprints in favor of expressive brushstrokes and instinctual fields of color, resulting in scenes that reverberate with immediacy. Typically working to render trippy theatrical spaces filled with a carnivalesque juxtaposition of whimsy and melancholy, we have collaborated with Mosley to publish a print edition of Spotted Pyjamas, a focused portrait of an imagined character reminiscent of iconographic Byzantine motifs with a knowing wink. As Jennifer Higgie writes in Frieze Magazine, “Comedy — dark, light, and in-between — is never far off. Many of these paintings are like cartoons without a punchline and none the less for it.”

Ryan Mosley has recently mounted solo shows at Eigen+Art (Leipzig, Germany), Anatomy and the Wall (Alison Jacques Gallery (London, UK), Tim Van Laere Gallery (Antwerp), Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, and Tierney Gardarin (New York). Selected group exhibitions include Museums Sheffield (Sheffield, UK), Josh Lilley Gallery (London, UK), Brand New Gallery (Milan, Italy), Sadie Coles HQ (London, UK), Galerie Mikael Andersen (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Royal Academy of Arts (London, UK). Mosley was included in publications such as Vitamin P3 New Perspectives in Painting, published by Phaidon, Painter’s Painters, published by Saatchi Gallery, Picturing People, published by Thames and Hudson and 100 Painters of Tomorrow, published by Thames and Hudson. Ryan Mosley currently lives and works in Sheffield, UK.


Josh Smith at David Zwirner


Clockwise from top left:

Ryan Mosley, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, Alice Tippit, and Sharon Madanes.

Photo credit: Arte Fuse

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