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Certified Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry On Budget

Diamonds are forever. But is their sparkle worth that much if it’s not part of a sustainable and promising future? Enter certified lab diamonds, the ultimate choice of the young consumer who believes in being a part of a sustainable and eco-friendly earth. 

Why Lab Diamonds?

Lab diamonds are an alternative to mined stones. Mined stones are in a realm of their own, no doubt. But they don’t come with an assurance that calls for a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution considering our times. 

Here is some perspective. The mining industry has its pitfalls in obtaining natural diamonds. Digging the earth leads to the displacement of land and other various environmental problems that include deforestation, air pollution/emissions and surface water pollution. 

In contrast, lab diamonds are created in state-of-the-art laboratories to produce a gemstone equal in brilliance, shine and hardness. They’re practically the same stone made by emulating the natural diamond creation process but with lesser carbon emissions. 

Additionally, thanks to the lab diamond industry’s shorter supply chain, they are priced better than natural diamonds. 

Where to Buy Certified Lab Grown Diamonds?

There is no better place to find certified lab diamonds than online. It’s a convenient way to shop and a great way to find a range of lab diamonds based on your preference. 

You can shop from many online portals today. However, Friendly Diamonds is a great online store to shop from, considering they are a frontrunner in creating a sustainable and eco-friendly diamond industry. 

Based in New York, US, the brand offers a range of certified lab diamonds of various shapes and carat weights at budget-friendly prices. And if you find similar diamonds on other portals, the brand is willing to price match the diamond provided certain criteria are met.     

Features and Benefits of Shopping at Friendly Diamonds

All lab grown diamonds available with the brand are certified by recognised diamond grading organizations that include GIA and IGI. You can be certain that you’re taking home a lab grown diamond of the highest quality when you shop at Friendly Diamonds.

The brand also allows you to create your engagement ring by choosing your favorite lab grown diamond and pairing it with a ring setting of choice. You may also create bespoke jewelry from scratch by sharing your ideas with the Friendly Diamonds team. 

If you require clarity about your purchase, you can connect with the brand’s team through a free online consultation and have all queries resolved. You can also consult in person at the brand’s New York office.

All in all, lab grown diamonds are the future and path to a more sustainable and eco-friendly diamond jewelry industry. The lab diamond creation process leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. Lab diamonds have the same optical and physical properties as mined diamonds, making them a great alternative. 

Ultimately, shopping online is the way to go. And with brands like Friendly Diamonds putting the needs of their customers first and offering budget-friendly deals, you’re sure to find high-quality diamonds for you or your favorite somebody at budget-friendly deals online. 

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