Perfect for holiday entertaining and heading into Dry January, Free AF‘s award-winning line of alcohol-free RTD cocktails. They include their newest flavor, Cucumber G&T, which is refreshing and versatile, and is a new addition to the popular flavor collection of pre-made functional cocktails.

As holiday entertaining is underway, Cucumber G&T offers a refreshing twist on a classic cocktail. Crafted with natural cucumber flavor, it’s the perfect ingredient for this holiday season to blend with holiday entertaining.

Another flavor to profile for holiday is Cuba Libre, which is perfect for serving as a cola cocktail with a cherry or lime garnish, even pairing with a scoop of sorbet or low sugar gelato on top. The TikTok trend in “Dirty Sodas” works perfectly for the Cuba Libre by Free AF for an alcohol free version with Afterglow.

Free AF, the popular line of non-alcoholic pre-made cocktails, is enhanced with AfterglowTM, a 100% natural botanical heat extract that mimics the pleasant warmth of alcohol without the hangover. The RTDs are low in sugar, low in calories, and gluten free. With its smooth and crisp profile, Cucumber G&T is sure to satisfy the growing demand from cocktail enthusiasts looking for something fresh and different. Free AF is perfect for individuals seeking healthy alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages this holiday season, or simply wishing to be alcohol-free.

The popular Free AF beverage flavor collection includes Cucumber G&T, Paloma, Apero Spritz, Cuba Libre, and Voda Spritz. The Free AF flavor portfolio is now available at Sprouts nationwide as well as for ordering via their website and Amazon.

Lisa King, who founded Eat My Lunch in New Zealand, created the award-winning functional non-alcoholic beverage line called Free AF. King aims to shake up the beverage industry with this innovative alternative to liquor. Since their launch in 2020, Free AF Drinks has aimed to cater to the growing sober curious movement and provide a refreshing alternative for those looking to cut back on alcohol. The sober curious movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, with more people choosing to decrease or remove alcohol from their lives. Free AF Drinks acknowledges the significance of supporting this growing community and aims to establish a secure and inclusive environment for them to connect and share their experiences. Free AF Drinks hopes to inspire and empower individuals by fostering a conversation around sobriety and offering resources.

“I set out to develop a range of drinks that offer the taste and experience of alcoholic beverages without the alcohol content. One of the key aspects of Free AF Drinks’ approach is our range of alcohol free options. Whether it’s our new refreshing Cucumber G&T or our take on an Aperol Spritz, Free AF has something for everyone looking to enjoy a desirable and full-flavored beverage that still provides satisfactory taste, without the alcohol.” – Lisa King, Founder

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