X-MEN UNLIMITED cover art via Anthony Blackwood Marvel Entertainment for use by 360 MAGAZINE


X-MEN UNLIMITED sees a new installment this year with the release of X-MEN GREEN. Originally produced on the Marvel Unlimited app, X-MEN GREEN makes its print debut available this upcoming May.

Following through the Krakoan Age, the story was written over two separate editions by X-Men scribe Gerry Duggan with art by Emilio Laiso. X-MEN UNLIMITED: X-MEN GREEN introduces fans to the story of one of Wolverine’s past students Nature Girl.

Frustrated with the state of humanity, Nature Girl decides to take matters into her own hands, breaking the laws of Krakoa. Wolverine makes the decision to find Nature Girl and put an end to her antics.

Tune in for this spectacular series in May, and to find out more information, visit Marvel.com.

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