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Fine Artist Dimitra Milan Shapes the Next Generation of Social Sales-Womanship 

In a generation filled with unabashed selfies, Dimitra Milan stands apart. 

An art prodigy who has gained international recognition after being discovered at the tender age of 15, Milan has amassed an impressive following of eager-to-buy audiences who are apt to discover the next big thing. 

A celebrated fine artist, her unique signature style reveals highly structured and figurative compositions that unravel an entire world before us. Like a map, the work guides us through a multilayered mystery that is both alluring and untamed. Milan’s work shifts in time and space and requires close attention when unearthing the dramatic effect of her imagination. 

The vast catalog of her work has been sold in nine different galleries across the U.S and Europe, reaching over $1M in sales within her very first professional year. 

“I’m inspired to paint beauty and to bring more beauty into this world. The world desperately needs more light and truth. I hope my art inspires people to follow their own dreams and pursue their passions. I want my art to touch a deep place in people and bring them into a higher mindset.” —Dimitra Milan

As a new generation of Millennial art collectors enter the scene, they are determined to turn the stereotype of salesmanship squarely on its head. 

Historically, collectors bought work at auction or through art galleries. Still, the marketplace is quickly moving online, empowering a digital generation of art buyers quick to pick up pieces through PayPal. Online communication makes buyers instantly privy to what was once a private process, connecting artists directly with customers, which millennials prefer.  

This is the matrix of Milan’s mission. 

As part of the next generation of artists sharing their work on social media, Milan has built a global fanbase while her sought-after paintings have resided in private collections all over the world.

As a young entrepreneur with vision and a pioneering spirit, Milan bucked tradition to work directly with collectors through social media where she grew her Instagram and Facebook followings, created online events, and worked with private collectors while instituting a print program. 

Fully embracing the financial success of independent autonomy, her plans now include the creation of virtual interactive commissions, live studio streaming, and building a social platform for other independent artists to grow their own social businesses. 

Independence has proved successful as Dimitra Milan’s sales have quadrupled, and her work has enjoyed a wider international audience of auctions and appreciation. 

Born into a family of established artists, Dimitra developed her style from a very young age at the Milan Art Institute, founded by her parents Elli and John Milan. From oil techniques to contemporary mixed media, Dimitra’s skill set grew along with her desire to paint. The artist then started homeschooling so she could dedicate her free time to improving and exploring her creative talent. It proved to be time well-spent because after finishing high school early, she started painting full time. The Milan’s teenage daughters — Dimitra, Dafni, and Dalia — are all accomplished artists in their own right, and collectively, their work has sold to collectors in Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates, Australia, Japan, and throughout Europe. The family members are all active on social media, where Dimitra has more than 120K Instagram followers and a store on Pinterest. 

Although the next generation may never return to the foundational media the older generation used, new roads often lead to undiscovered lands. A perfect setting for the whimsical and surreal world Milan creates where anything is possible, and fearless subjects harmoniously coexist.