Reviving Creativity in Little Rock

On May 6, 2024, Little Rock, Arkansas, typically known for its traditional southern charm, hosted an avant-garde celebration that could rival any major city’s fashion scene. “Revival: An Evening of Art and Fashion” brought together Little Rock’s vibrant artistic community for an immersive, invitation-only event that showcased local talent with international flair. Organized by creatives and philanthropists Cat Sims, Sarah Oden, and Kimberly Cyr at Jill White Designs, the evening exemplified how even smaller locales can produce forward-thinking and inspiring cultural experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the opulence of the Met Gala, the event adopted this year’s Met Gala theme, “Garden of Time,” and “Reawakening Fashion.” The hosts aimed to create a unique ambiance where history and modernity intertwined, celebrating the creative spirit of Little Rock. The venue featured a live showcase of the Met Gala, allowing guests to experience the prestigious event alongside their local celebration, fostering a sense of global connectivity.

Kimberly Cyr, one of the hosts and the event’s wardrobe stylist, shared, “Curating fashion for ‘Revival’ was about showcasing local designers and jewelry artists. We wanted each look to resonate with the theme and evoke a sense of timeless elegance. Seeing guests embrace their individuality and push fashion boundaries was incredibly rewarding.”

Indeed, fashion was the highlight of the evening. Guests adorned themselves in high-fashion attire rarely seen in Little Rock, deviating from the traditional ballgowns and tuxedos often donned at the region’s typical formal events. Big floral headpieces, extravagant dresses, and avant-garde ensembles created an atmosphere reminiscent of the Met Gala’s red carpet. Designs by Korto Momolu and Souq, paired with accessories from OFaolain, Lydia Elsa Martin, and Laura B Luxury, demonstrated the high level of craftsmanship and creativity in Little Rock’s fashion scene.

The artistic contributions were equally impressive. Works from Stephen Wilson Studio, Alecia Walls-Barton, Kvinna Studio, Jaird Art, and Hannah Hill Art provided a visual feast that complemented the fashion displays. Each piece was thoughtfully curated to enhance the overall aesthetic and thematic experience.

Sarah Oden, creative coordinator of Revival and creative director at Ava Model Management, emphasized the importance of accessibility and diversity in the event. “We aimed to bridge the gap between established names and emerging talents in Arkansas art and fashion. The excitement and creativity from all participants truly made ‘Revival’ a standout event.”

Enhancing the evening’s elegance, Tanarah Luxe Floral’s exquisite arrangements adorned the venue, adding vibrant bursts of color and natural beauty. The floral designs, along with the venue’s stained glass windows, provided a stunning backdrop that elevated the entire experience.

The event was not just a visual and sensory delight but also a philanthropic endeavor, supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The hosts, alongside generous sponsors, ensured that the evening celebrated creativity while contributing to a meaningful cause.

DJ Jellybean’s lively soundtrack and Central Arkansas Entertainment’s sleek, modern production elements, including a glossy vinyl red carpet, added to the night’s glamour. Lori Sparkman, an internationally recognized photographer, and Weaver Films captured the evening’s memorable moments, creating a visual record of the event’s highlights.

Culinary artistry by Vibrant Occasions added another layer of sophistication. Guests indulged in gourmet stations, from mozzarella caprese to a dramatic parmesan cheese wheel set ablaze. The culinary experience was as creative and elegant as the fashion and art on display.

“Revival: An Evening of Art and Fashion” received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with guests expressing how seen and inspired they felt. The event set a new standard for artistic and fashion events in Little Rock, demonstrating that even small towns can host events with international appeal and impact.

As plans for next year’s event are already underway, “Revival” promises to continue celebrating Little Rock’s rich creative landscape, offering a unique blend of art, fashion, and philanthropy. For those eager to be part of this exclusive experience, connecting with the hosts is the first step towards securing a coveted spot on the guest list.

Join us in reliving this extraordinary evening by watching the promo video on YouTube: 

Hosts and Sponsors

Host & Philanthropy Coordinator: Cat Sims @catsimsxoxo

Host & Wardrobe Stylist: Kimberly Cyr @kimberlycyr

Host & Creative Coordinator: Sarah Oden @sarahoden_photo

Catering: Vibrant Occasions @vibrantoccasionscatering

Venue: Jill White Designs @jillwhitedesigns

Bar: Have Bar Will Travel @havbarwilltrvl

Alcohol: De Nux Distributor @de_nux and So Restaurant + Bar @so_restaurantlr

Photographer: Lori Sparkman Photography @lorisparkmanphotography

Planner: Meredith Events @meredithevents

Public Relations: Meredith Corning PR @meredithcorningpr

Floral Designer: Tanarah Luxe Floral @tanarahluxefloral

Production and DJ: Central Arkansas Entertainment @cae_lr and DJ JellyBean @djjbean

Rentals: Mack 365 Designs @mack365designs_

Videography: Weaver Films @weaverfilms

Model Agency: AVA Model Management @avamgmt  

Stylist Assistant: Alexa Hart @alexa_hart_

Fashion Participants

Fashion Contributor: B.Barnett @bbarnettlr 

Fashion Designer: Korto Momolu @kortomomolu 

Fashion Designer: Souq

Handbag Designer: OFaolain @ofaolainleather 

Jewelry Designer: Lydia Elsa Martin @lydiaelsamartin

Jewelry Designer: Laura B Luxury @laurabluxury 


Stephen Wilson Studio @stephenwilsonstudio, Alecia Walls-Barton

@pressedflowergal, Kvinna Studio @kvinna_studio, Jaird Art @jairdart, Hannah Hill Art @hannahhillcreations 


@catsimsxoxo, @kimberlycyr, @sarahoden_photos, @andi_k_chappell, @iambeauticurve, @beautyandthe.belle, @dlizzzzzz, @celestejoliee, @javonwallace_, @erica_watkins

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