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Los Aptos – Dices Me Extrañas

The Mexican American group’s latest release follows the huge news of its inclusion on Pandora’s renowned list of Latin Artists-toWatch for 2024.
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Los Aptos, the sensational Mexican American group that was recently named to Pandora’s list of Latin Artists to Watch in 2024, has one more musical treat in store for fans before 2023 comes to a close in the form of the new single “Dices Me Extrañas,” available now on all streaming platforms.
Penned by the group’s founder and songwriter Juan Ortega after the group’s return from its impactful appearance at Festival Arre in Mexico City, “Dices Me Extrañas” explores a toxic relationship in which one partner decides to leave the other for their own wellbeing. With a warm and inviting tumbado pop rhythm that stays true to the trio’s unmistakable, trendsetting style, this song is an undeniable hit that is sure to delight fans around the world.
“We are very grateful to be part of the artists to bring attention to them in 2024 that Pandora chose. We have a lot of new music, and we feel the best is coming from Los Aptos this year,” says Ortega.

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Always paying homage to its cultural roots, with “Dices Me Extrañas,” Los Aptos puts the exclamation point on the end of a remarkable year, one that has proven to be one of the most important to date in the group’s already remarkable career.
In addition to releasing its acclaimed album “Descifrar” in June and making it to Pandora’s Latin Artists to Watch list alongside other rising acts such as Chino Pacas, Camila Fernández, and Leonardo Aguilar, this year the trio also made successful appearances at a number of renowned music festivals, including the world-renowned Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago; Festival Arre in Mexico City, the biggest Mexican music festival in the world; and Festival Viva Pomona in Los Angeles.
“Dices Me Extrañas” is the second single that Los Aptos has released since “Descifrar,” and comes ahead of a year that promises to be even more exciting and action-packed for this supremely talented trio.

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