On Saturday, IMDb, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content, hosted IMDb LIVE at New York Comic Con. The live-streaming show, featured Ricky Whittle, Jackie Earle Haley, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Tom Payne, Katelyn Nacon, Austin Amelio, Charlie Brooker, and more who sat down for intimate interviews with host Kevin Smith.

Darryl McDaniels had fun rapping freestyle with Kevin Smith and revealed how he owes his career to comic books. Walking Dead’s Austin Amelio joked that Tom Payne should be a hair model in between filming, while Katelyn Nacon shared how she always fears for her character’s life on Walking Dead. Charlie Brooker shared that Jodi Foster is directing an upcoming episode of Black Mirror

Darryl ‘DMC’ McDaniels on comic books shaping career

Darryl: Yes, before Hip-Hop came over the bridge from the Bronx in the late 70’s to totally change my life. Before 1970’s rock radio, I mean the 70’s rock is amazing – it’s all I listen to. But before music came into my life, I was a little kid living in Hollis Green, NY and went to Catholic school, I wore glasses – I was a straight A’s student, though. Always on the honor roll, 5 and 6 stars on the forehead, but I read comic books. So I was this nerdy little kid that just read, collected and drew all day – that’s all that I did. So I never wanted to be in show business at all. But it was comic books, the foundation that prepared me to do what I did when I got on the microphone.
Darryl: My whole persona, my whole presentation – the way I look, the way I sound – was all because of comic books. And the inspiration, the creativity and the education that I got out of reading comic books allowed me to be a good student in school, and it allowed me to be prepared when it was time for me to get on the microphone. So I owe my life to Marvel Comic Books. 

Katelyn Nacon on staying alive for so long on Walking Dead 

Katelyn: Oh every second. Every second of my day. Whenever it’s a call from Scott I think everyone is just always like *gasp* “oh, no.” It’s a little, mini heart attack.

Tom: You’re the longest out of all three of us, right?

Katelyn: Yeah, I don’t know how I made it. I survived through everything that Alexandria was put through. I mean all the kids in Alexandria are dead except for me. I was like the only one that made it out alive. So I’m, Eden’s a really strong character, though, and I think that’s kinda why she is able to survive. I mean she has to survive somehow, J.S.S., like she lives by that motto.

Ricky Whittle on getting political during his panel 

Ricky Whittle: I’m a very honest person – I don’t believe in shying away. I believe silence sides on that, of the oppressor. As long as we’re silent, oppressive people are able to kind of keep everyone down and so I think we should always be able to speak our minds. That’s the great thing about America – and about lots of free countries – where it’s your opinion and you should be allowed to express your opinion no matter what. No one’s got any right to keep you down – to tell you who you should be, what you should be – and I just mentioned that a little bit at my panel.

CREDIT: Getty Images for IMDb

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