How to Style Basic Fashion Items

Fashion doesn’t need to be complicated. Although it’s nice to explore crazy trends and find creative ways to dress yourself, this isn’t always necessary to look and feel great.

Basic fashion items can often be enough to build an eye-catching outfit. However, you often need to be a little more creative with how you style your basic items to make them look more unique and fashionable.

Below, we have some top tips for styling basic but essential fashion items like sleeveless tops, vests, long-sleeved tops, cardigans, and jeans.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

Using contrasting or complementary colours can be an effective way to enhance your style with basic fashion items. Contrasting colours like black and white capture the eye and create dimension within your outfits. Complementary colours, on the other hand, make your outfits look cohesive and well put together.

Being strategic with the colours of your chosen fashion basics can make all the difference to your outfits. You don’t need to stick to neutral colours when it comes to vests, tops, and jeans. Often, vibrant colours are great ways to spice up basic fashion items and create interesting outfits.

Add Layers to Your Outfits

Ask any fashionista, and they will agree that layering your outfits is one of the most effective ways to enhance your style. Layers add character and dimension to your outfits and are the perfect way to make basic fashion items more interesting.

Some examples of how to layer your outfits include adding a blazer over a basic T-shirt, pairing with a long sleeved top, or wearing a long, knee length coat that extends over your jeans.

Accessorise Appropriately

It’s important to think carefully about the accessories you’re going to wear with your basic fashion items. Although only a small part of your entire outfit, accessories make a significant difference in its appearance and cohesion.

Consider pairing basic neutral fashion items with more vibrant, colourful accessories to create contrast. Similarly, if you prefer to wear colourful vests and T-shirts, you might wish to pair these basics with traditional gold or silver jewellery or a neutral-coloured Louis Vuitton handbag to avoid too many contrasting, clashing colours.

Choose Complementary Footwear

It’s important to choose your footwear carefully when you’re styling basic fashion items. Find footwear that complements your chosen items, focusing on matching their colours or patterns.

Consider the occasion, too. Boots, trainers, or pumps are great for informal occasions where comfort is key. Heels might be a better choice for more formal occasions where professionalism and sophistication are your main priorities.

Mix and Match Your Basics

Mixing and matching is a great way to get creative when styling your outfits. Conder mixing multiple colours, patterns, and textures to build unique outfits and find your personal style.

Some examples of how you can mix and match various basics include pairing a white cotton vest with a black woolly cardigan or a grey chiffon shirt with blue denim jeans. The options are endless when it comes to mixing and matching so get creative and have fun!

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