On May 5, boxer Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will face Vanes Martirosyan for an anticipated bout at the StubHub Center in California.

Whether tuning into the fight on HBO with some close friends or hosting a viewing party with your fellow boxing aficionados, impressive at-home cocktails make for an easy win. Below, you’ll find a variety of Chivas Fight Club Cocktails, complete with appropriate names, perfect for Fight Night!

GGG is the face of The Chivas Fight Club, an initiative launched by Chivas Regal to inspire the fighter in all of us. Now, more than ever the fighting spirit of this humble individual rings true as GGG continues his fight, in and out of the ring, through obstacles this year.

The Chivas Fight Club cocktails below

The Phantom Right Hook

2 Parts Chivas Extra

0.5 Parts Sweet Vermouth

0.5 Parts Lillet Blanc

Top up with Soda Water

Lemon Twist to Garnish

Glass: Collins

Method: Combine Chivas Extra & ingredients with ice cubes

The Undisputed Champion

1.5 Parts Chivas Ultis

1 Part Campari

1 Part Sweet Vermouth

Garnish: Orange Zest

Glass: Coupe or Old Fashioned

Method: Combine Chivas Ultis & ingredients and strain over one large cube of ice in glass

The Eliminator

1 Part Chivas 12 YO

.75 Part Fresh Lemon

.75 Part Simple Syrup

Egg White (optional)

Hard Ice

Garnish: Orange slice and cherry

Glass: Old Fashioned

Method: Combine Chivas 12YO & all ingredients and fine strain over ice in glass.

Fists of Fury 

1 Part Chivas 18 YO

1 Part Martell V.S.O.P.

1 Part Sweet Vermouth

.5 Part Benedictine

2 dashes Angostura bitters

2 dashes bitters

Hard Ice

Garnish: Lemon Zest

Glass: Old fashioned

Method: Combine all ingredients & strain over one large cube of ice in glass

Punch Recipe

1 Part Chivas 12 YO

1 Part Cinnamon Syrup (Homemade or Monin)

.75 Parts Fresh Lemon juice

2 parts Chamomile Tea

1 part Perrier Jouet Grand Brut

Vessel: Punch bowl

Method: Pour Chivas 12 YO over large Ice cubes

Garnish:  Grapefruit wheels, all-spice berries, star-anise pods, and grated nutmeg

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