Ms. Lauryn Hill of Fugees at Global Citizen with Gail King via 360 MAGAZINE.

Fugees + Global Citizen

It was an historic night at the Global Citizen Festival in New York City on Saturday, as acclaimed hip hop group The Fugees took the stage together. The trio of Ms. Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and Pras Michel delivered an electric, high-energy set featuring hits like “Ready or Not,” “Fu-Gee-La,” and “Killing Me Softly.” 

The Fugees used the platform to send an important message encouraging sovereign countries to take control of their natural resources.

Wyclef Jean rallied the crowd to support relief efforts in Haiti as the country faces political unrest and instability. He emphasized the need for Haitians to shape their own destiny amid foreign interests in the region.
Onstage, the three members showed great chemistry and enthusiasm, indicating they are ready to tour together again.

This iconic group coming together to entertain and inspire made for an unforgettable night.

Photo Credit: Erica Dumas, Publicist