Assemblyman Travis Allen

Assemblyman Travis Allen: CA Supreme Court’s Decision to Not Hear Gas Tax Repeal a “Mockery of Justice” but Will Not Stop Repeal

Travis Allen vows to continue fight to Repeal Jerry Brown’s $52 Billion Gas Tax

Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) denounced the Supreme Court’s decision to not hear his case against Attorney General Becerra for “intentionally misleading voters” on the ballot title and summary for the Repeal of the Gas Tax.

“The California Supreme Court has made a mockery of justice and brazenly endorsed AG Xavier Becerra’s outright deception of Californians, robbing Californians of honest ballot title and summaries not only for the Gas Tax Repeal, but for every initiative that we vote on,” said Assemblyman Travis Allen. “With this decision, the Supreme Court has given the overtly political Democrat Attorney General an unrestricted license to lie to Californians, and has relinquished its duty to enforce California’s Constitution as it relates to ballot initiatives. This is a sad day for direct democracy in California, and every Californian should take this as a warning that we clearly can no longer trust the Attorney General or the California Supreme Court to be impartial or factual. Read your ballot initiatives closely – now the Attorney General is lying to you and there’s nothing the Supreme Court or anyone else in California is going to do about it.”

Assemblyman Allen filed a lawsuit in Sacramento Superior Court to have the original title and summary restored to the straightforward original version. This lawsuit resulted in the judge throwing out AG Becerra’s misleading title and summary and ordering the Attorney General to rewrite it so it clearly stated that the initiative “Repeals recently-enacted gas and diesel taxes and vehicle registration fees” and “eliminates road repair and transportation programs funded by these taxes.” Becerra, although in clear violation of the California Constitution and decades of case law, quickly had this ruling overturned in the politicized Court of Appeals. Last week, the California Supreme Court decided to not hear the case.

“The corruption of California’s political system is now on display for all to see, but his decision only strengthens our resolve to repeal Jerry Brown’s unnecessary $52 Billion gas tax that Californians never got a chance to vote on,” said Assemblyman Travis Allen. “The more Californians are finding out about this gas tax and how little it’s actually going to do for our roads, the more outraged they become. Not only will we move forward with the repeal, we will get it qualified, and we will Repeal the Gas Tax.”

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