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‘The next generation’s global superstar hails from Joburg.’

Vaughn Lowery, 360®

Tyla is making it reign. She may be amidst a whirlwind 2023, but Tyla is already gearing up for an even bigger 2024. The South African star announces her self-titled debut album, TYLA, today along with a pre-order and the release of three brand new tracks. The track “On and On,” premiered as a COLORS exclusive this Thursday. 

Tyla isn’t just topping charts, she’s making history. When “Water” ascended to its current Top 10 position on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, it gave Tyla her first career Top 10 and earned her the distinction of being the highest-charting African female solo artist EVER on the Hot 100 chart. At just 21-years-old, calling Tyla’s limit the sky may prove to be a modest take. 

TYLA is set to arrive in 2024.

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Tyla’s self-titled debut album will represent the culmination of what’s been an incredible journey to this point for the 21-year-old Amapiano star, but also an exciting beginning. “Water,” a consensus candidate for the coveted ‘Song of the Summer’ distinction and one of the hottest second-half songs of the year, has given Tyla a powerful launching pad. Now, with three new songs to go along with the star-studded remixes to “Water,” featuring Travis Scott and Marshmello respectively. Tyla’s mission to help push her native Amapiano sound to global heights is well underway. Tyla and Scott debuted their version of their remix at GQ’s Man of the Year Party, one of the most exclusive annual parties of the year.  

“As soon as I heard ‘Water,’ I said, ‘It’s over. We have the song’,” says Tyla of her first experience hearing the music behind her smash hit, in a detailed breakdown for Rolling Stone.

“Water” also ascended to the top of the Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip Hop Airplay Chart this week, another indicator of Tyla’s dominant crossover year. The song was the most-played record on U.S. mainstream R&B/Hip Hop stations last week according to Billboard, and it maintains its strong positioning on Billboard’s Global 200 chart, currently sitting at #6. These are crowning achievements for Tyla, who is on the record about her desire to bring her native sound of Amapiano to the world as she interpolates its sound with other genres and styles. 

Tyla’s pack of pre-release songs span a variety of the young star’s styles, from the uptempo frequencies of “Water” and “Truth or Dare” to the subdued, acoustic atmosphere of “Butterflies.” In conversation with Cosmopolitan in October, Tyla emphasized her will to fuse genres and styles as she explores her artistry. “Rap, R&B, pop, our type of House in South Africa—not the oontz-oontz type. Jazz, literally almost everything,” she says, describing the music that soundtracked her youth. “So I had a wide variety, and I fell in love with it all. I think that’s why my sound is a fusion of a lot of different things—because I don’t like just one sound.”

“Tyla’s success, and the success of ‘Water’ are a testament to Tyla’s God-given talent, her diligent work ethic, and what can happen when those two elements marry perfectly,” says Epic Records Chairwoman/CEO Sylvia Rhone. 

Epic’s President, Ezekiel Lewis, adds, “There’s no foolproof formula for a hit song. Tyla brought herself to the studio, infused herself into the record, and the world responded in kind. We’re excited that everyone is excited about this glimpse of what Tyla can bring to the table, but she has so much more to offer. 2024 is going to be a fun year.”

Tyla’s self-titled debut album is due out in 2024.


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