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The Ultimate Summer Kickback

On Friday, Forever 21 hosted the Ultimate Summer Kickback. Guests were invited to a poolside afternoon party at a beautiful home in Beverly Hills, and enjoyed complementary food and drinks. Beginning at 1pm and ending at 7pm, guests were encouraged to rideshare to the event, but offsite parking was also available at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel. After parking, guests were given a ticket to shuttled over to the mansion with other partygoers. This is where the party started–the short ride to the house was accompanied by music and the opportunity to talk to the other guests. After you checked in, you were welcomed into the house, with plenty of photo opportunities, a pool to relax in, food and drinks, shopping, and even an embroidery station, Forever 21 truly hosted the Ultimate Summer Kickback.

The first thing you noticed upon entering the mansion was the Forever 21 Runway, most guests were dressed in Forever 21 and there were two spaces available to buy the company’s merchandise. Guests were given the chance to strut the runway with friends in Forever 21’s latest styles and get some great pictures. Behind the runway, the massive backyard was filled with food, a grassy area to sit, a photo booth, and the pool. A gazebo decorated with flowers and vines held a photo booth where guests could send themselves the photos, or take their own. On the way to the photo booth you passed the pool, two food areas, a bar, and a bunch of seating areas.

The Ultimate Summer Kickback had two caterers, one serving fruit, snacks, and red, white and blue popsicles, while the other served tacos. In addition to the complimentary food, there was also a variety of drinks–both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. While guests ate and drank, they could walk around, take photos, socialize, or lounge by the pool. The infinity pool overlooked a small pond in the backyard and was filled with festive summer floaties for all to enjoy. Between, the tanning, eating, drinking, dancing, and socializing Forever 21 started off the holiday weekend right!

The guestlist was packed with guests, like TikTok star Lauren Kettering, to content creators like Dontae Catlett, Natasha Olivia Jones, August Reinhardt, Courtney Revolution, Jess Billings, and Kelli Erdmann. Even models such as Jeremy Urann, Austin Brown, and skater Chris Chann were in attendance at the poolside party.

VIP guests were invited into a closed room where they could shop Forever 21’s newest styles while all other guests were able to purchase items outside. A seamstress was available to customize any item you wanted, allowing all guests to bring home a Forever 21 memento from the Ultimate Summer Kickback.

Forever 21’s summer line features all the regular summer staples, dresses, shorts, skirts and shirts. More stylish items ,like rompers, flowy pants, two piece outfits, bucket hats, and wraps were also included. You can check out Forever 21’s summer line on their website. Offering more non-traditional, size inclusive options and options than ever, you can find cool summer patterns and solid print staples for your closet.

Whether you’re looking for a date night look, vacation outfit, or a fit for a hot girl summer, Forever 21 can supply the clothes to give you the ultimate summer look for the ultimate summer day out.

You can see photos from the even below, on Forever 21’s social media, or on the social medias of anyone who came to the party on Friday. Also, be sure to check out the #f21summer tag on Instagram. All the pictures show everyone having a great time and rocking their Forever 21 outfits.

Thanks Forever 21 for hosting the Ultimate Summer Kickback!

Forever 21 Ultimate Summer Kickback

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